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What are some big things That that you're working on any exciting things kinda kinda coming up that you can share with us and then we'll just being a home here sure Be up simply about being passionate every day in our life throws at you know even if you're in a depression it's like you're passionate about what that depression is giving you teaching your soul. You know so that you can come out of it. Be even more empowered by and no yourself deeper right like that's it's about being lit being excited about the director of your life in a place where you have a vision for what you want after it and maybe that beijing is dislike a job. I love my partner I want to stop yawning. Kids maybe that vision is like to be wrapped up some work with where he was like he'd worked for google in his early twenties. He hated it. He's been on this journey to figure out what he works and he's now creating products in doing a plant medicine. Shamanism starting intentional communities for him. It's like part of our work was removed to brazil. Because i can live off told her bucks a month in brazil and do whatever i want and take five six years to build all this by That's so it doesn't matter which end of the spectrum your arm it could just be a matter of being lit up about the day to day stuff that you do or could be full-scale transformation in your life and creation where people can buy me so. I do have one on one coaching macho when this is gonna air but at the moment got a couple of slots open so people are ran in connecting with me. You can just straight up. Email me at joe drop the arbor dot com. You can also find the on facebook on instagram. search joe bernstein or dropped the armor and facebook. You want to hang out with some dope humans of all gender identity. Not just dukes then Checkout drop the armored doja. It's a place where we're working hard to make the choices of love revere courage over comfort and chretien over consumption. It's a really beautiful community. People are sharing up life sharing their challenge sharing their beauty their goal. You know in this really amazing way like a men's group but online but for for people of all genders. Because i gotta get love to women and non binary folks too. I can't can't just serve. And even though i work with them directly so that's it yeah no finally got it. So we'll we'll we'll get all. Joseph plugged in down near that. Joe at drop the armor and a are mor rex..

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