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You have done what what I was unable to do when I first started, what's I? I don't know if you remember I had liberty one dot that I was trying to launch for a half a minute, and I could never find enough content on the video side to really propel network forward. But you my question to you. You is. How did you? How did you go about finding the podcast that you were going to bring onto the network? Did you go out, seek them out, or did they somehow find out about what you were doing and come to you? Well, it was kind of it's a little bit of both. I mean, I was talking to one person and they're like, hey, I got this guy was doing a podcast. I'm like, okay, so I talked to him, he's like sure. And I'm like, you get little perks if your exclusive with us and if you're not exclusive goal, but there's a few shows like Sherry font, voluntary is on the network and she she does a great show called postcards from Somalia, and I love the name. It's a killer name for podcast with Alan, mostly with Alamos lane. It's hilarious. I mean, it's great. So I have all these cool shows van and I really like them. And I feel guilty though because I don't have time to listen to them all my cell. So sometimes I'm like, man, I'm so sorry, Mr. episode or whatever. But I have heard at least one episode of every show. So how did you how many shows are on the network? Now. Right now we have six. Currently, we have a, we have a wild card Saturday. So we have another show that comes in. We, we have like a rotating show on Saturday. Sometimes it's, we have a, we have a podcast that comes out once a month. It's called mission control, which is all the board members for the launchpad media. So we all just talk about what we're doing and what our plans are, what what ideas we have. We all kind of chip in and try to figure out what we're going to do next to further the cause and messaging of liberty. So is there, is there like a? Is there a single podcast feed where every single day they get a new podcast or they got to download every podcast separately? One feet nice every day. Yeah, one feet. So I'm using and I'm using my old Johnny rocket launch pad feet. So if you had the launch pad show before they're now getting launchpad media shows every day. So then that's that's phenomenal. So these guys are so then you are able to identify who has what downloads or who show is, is really getting the most traction based on who's getting the most downloads in? Yes. Yeah, that's nice. Okay. Cool. Yeah. Are you guys selling marketing are? Yes selling advertising yet or the show's? Not as the show? Not grown that large it? Well, I'm right now are we've been pushing our patriotic, but we're doing pretty good there and we have had a couple bites on on that. And I'm I'm in the work with that for the show. I mean, the network is one in the sell ads and the shows can sell ads themselves, but I'm looking forward bigger. Obviously the company, the main page on our websites can have the most expensive ads for the shows may not be as much. Re up on on the and in price points and everything, but we really wanted to get the network going..

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