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Welcome back to the since he's social media news, podcasts are final story. Like the end of our previous story also somewhat influenced by movies Amedee's. So whereas I mentioned pretty much all my knowledge of the stock market is solely from trading places. So I'm sure it's completely out of date by now. This story is inspired by top gun which I have seen a couple of times and actually quite liking trading places, but we'll talk. I'm just like, why? Why does everyone talk about this safe or fine? Yes, you do look pretty cool with your sunglasses, but then that and sad what happens to happens to. But other than that was like, why was this? I, I don't understand this anything really happened other than to goose in this movie, but anyways, but this has made history. I'm sure it's made history and the number of ways, but made history in Japan in Japan now has its first female fighter pie. Islet Lieutenant Missa Matsushima who was she says, inspired by top gun. So this is this is for a number of reasons. Japan. Their military is still very heavily male. It's only I believe, six percent female. Whereas comparatively the US is about sixteen percent female military wise, but still, you know, both of those heavily male compared to the actual percentage of women in the general population. But Japan is still only recently opening up certain positions to women. So for example, they were not even allowed to be fighter pilots until I believe twenty fifteen. And so prior to that, the Lieutenant had actually planned to be a m a transport plane pilot or something. She wanted to be some sort of pilot, but because women were barred from fighter and reconnaissance. Reconnaissance aircraft until twenty fifteen. She wasn't planning at the time to be a fighter pilot. Even though she had been so inspired by top gun. But this is coming as Japan is sort of trying to open up more to have more women in the military. And this is actually coming at a time where Japan's doing a number of things either not necessarily trying to add women, but certainly dealing with the issue of women in the workplace and how do we treat women in the workplace and how do we encourage women in the workplace? So. In. Twenty fifth, not twenty fifteen skews me twenty seventeen Japan fell from rank one hundred eleven to one hundred and fourteen out of a total of one hundred and forty four countries in gender equality. So if you to make a little clearer out of a hundred and forty four countries which had been ranked for their policies concerning gender equality, Japan had ranked one eleven and then fell to one fourteen which again, this is Japan. It's not, you know, it's a very much developed country. It's it brings high on a number of sort of develop their quote unquote civilized rankings, but to be rather low in gender equality. When you are considered such a first world country is a bit surprising, but Japan has their culture is a bit more. Go with conservative and they did just face a huge backlash where a few weeks ago or few months ago where it came out that one of their main medical universities, Tokyo Medical University had actually for more than a decade lowered women's entrance exam scores. So as to not have to let in as many women into the college to keep most of their students being men because they were afraid that. The the reason I read was that they were frayed that if women got into college in came and studied to become doctors than once they married and had kids the leave and stop becoming doctors. And so it's like a sort of a guess in their process. It was like a waste of resources of those resources could have gone to a guy who would stay being adopter even though he when he has kids as opposed to a woman who we assume will naturally leave..

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