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That would be your time and we do appreciate it, and I was watching a lot of lot of activity. I think you were probably watching a lot of says Well, maybe not. Double barrel baseball action and an NFL game. We're going to start with baseball. Normally, we would start with football, but I need to start with baseball because the Dodgers need some help and who better to help them. Then yours truly eso Freddie Freeman in the NLCS game in Texas, Freddie Freeman, it's the two run homer. The brake what had been a scoreless game for the Braves, who then preceded by the time they were. We're done with that little run had scored the first seven runs of the game. And they had a seven Nothing lead. They ended up holding off late Dodger push for an 8 to 7 win in Game two of the National League Championship Series. So Atlanta is up two games to none on sitting in the catbird seat. Two wins away from a trip to the World Series, and they are just write what you want to be. After two games of a best of seven situation, the Dodgers not so much the Braves are seven and Oh, To start the postseason, and they have proven that it wasn't just playing Cincinnati and the Marlins that got the Braves. All those winds. They have shown that they are legit in these first couple games now, Clayton Kershaw was supposed to pitch. For Los Angeles. He was supposed to pitch. He was scratched by back spasms out. The irony of this is I often have back spasms, watching Clayton Kershaw pitch in the playoffs, So I have that in common now in Clayton's plays Tony Goslin started and he actually I've had pitched pretty well for the first two innings in the game, and he should have ended up with a better stat line. If only Pedro Baez had not puked all over the man when he came in living up to the dodgersbullpen tradition here. It was disgusting. And then the thing that really got me going I don't normally watch these post game shows. But I kept the TV on after the Dodger Braves game on FX one and the Fox postgame coverage. You had a Rod, Big Poppy and Frank Thomas all sitting around the set there giggling like school kids very confident. Big claim, right? Right, the microphone and a camera, And they claimed that the Dodgers, according to a Rod, Big Poppy and Frank Thomas, the Dodgers had taken the Momenta R. Go Moe back because they scored all those runs late in the game, and they had a chance to tie the game in the ninth inning. Even though they didn't actually tie the game. They each one of them agreed with the other ones. That yet that Dodgers got momentum. So let us discuss the question. I think you know the answer. Do the Dodgers now have the Momenta MBE in air quotes in the National League Championship Series? About N to the O. All right. I've got the speed bump McClaren and Stockton and we will combine all these things together now, eh? I don't believe you get anything other than a l next to your name when you don't actually score more than the other team. Are we supposed to give the Dodgers a gold star and maybe an extra juice box is that we're supposed to my God. There's no moral victories were not talking about you sports here stop and this more magnum stuff. You're you're a dummy when you say the moment of its good sportscaster jargon to say, O mentum by its accepted. Unfortunately, it doesn't actually exist. It doesn't exist for the Dodgers. It doesn't exist for the Atlanta Braves. We have waxed poetic. Behind these microphones many, many times over the years about the stupidity off the term mo mentum in sports. Momenta is an abstract idea. You can mould it. However you want. Into just about anything just about anything you want to tell the story you're looking to tell it is simply an after the fact. Explanation. That's an after the fact explosion. So let's call a spade a spade. The reason the Dodgers are in the position they're in. There's a couple reasons the Dodger pitching staff has been bludgeoned. All right. They've been bludgeoned, especially the bull pain, which has let them down Bigley in these first two games, the offense I don't even give the offense that much credit because if you wait to fall behind seven and nothing I'm not impressed that you've been scored a bunch of runs late in the game. Do it early in the game. Put some pressure on the other team. How about that? And this Dodger pitching staff falling apart like wet bread makes me want to puke. Watching these guys who were so good during the regular season, and it's not like we haven't seen this before. From different Dodger teams over the years and as a result, because of this pathetic performance, the first couple of games of the series, the Dodgers are now playing uphill. You want to play downhill, It's much easier to play downhill. The Braves were playing downhill. The Dodgers are now going uphill. Scoring a few runs in garbage time does not change the fact that your offense was anemic for most of the game, all the confidence He's on the side of the Atlanta Braves, Freddie Freeman and Ozzy Alby. He's leading that Atlanta offense that has now scored 13 runs and have 18 hits in two games. 13 runs in 18 hits in two games in the National League Championship Series, and that's against the number one pitching staff in the regular season in professional baseball, the Dodgers this season. We're driving on easy street. They were in a self driving car and it was a Let's have a cup of coffee. We'll listen to some music, and we'll read something on our phones. They feasted on the National League West and the American League West do they played in our league? It was a cakewalk. They had the top record in baseball and this right here against the Braves, the first speed bump That they have faced. Down. Oh, to that is a massive mountain to climb..

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