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And then they let you down it feels like rejection. It feels like heartbreak it feels like betrayal and it feels feels like I never wanNA love again. That's what that's like and so I never want to love again here. We go the day by the way. Let's play the whole feels like I never wanNA love again. That's what that feels like. And so I understand understand how that feels because I felt that way but you know what happens when you say I never want to love again. Your heart gets black and you turn angry. You think I'm GonNa take my clippers today. Thank you Sandy. Tom Thank you sandy. I Want Uh yes. That's our new tune and whenever we play a clip like that that is the funniest clip for a while. Can you believe that it just tickles. Andress looked expensive to me. All her stuff is it's it's haute couture man. It's not off the rack to a good start getting in some good stuff she well. She's got the right figure for it. She can look good at it. Hangs there it gets good Kudos from the plugs for for the labels. Yeah I I want to do they do. I'll have to look at some of the fashion magazines. How much they highlighted and what she's wearing? I know that they just beginning a and once they figure this out that they can buy her. She's perfect loners you know she would. Of course it's loners words. Same dress twice up up. Can you imagine that would be like Judy Woodruff. Who pushed offers should maybe? She's on vacation but I haven't really interesting. They got some dour our woman out of doing the show younger. Not One of the regulars just a new two or three new people on there that are just there all the time now. I think they've done a revamp now. Now you you mentioned this in the in the newsletter the the Big Greta ahead in San Francisco. The A big mural. I figured unless you have one I have. I think it's a local report but I thought it was rather interesting kind of contrast your comments which were what the heck could we could have had so many giant heads of so many interesting put. It headed this girl on there for. She's never even been to San Francisco as far as I know. I don't even know if she has no she hasn't she well. We would have known as you've been to San Francisco. Because she'd have the key to the city hanging around her neck or more awards he were looking at the newest addition to the San Francisco skyline

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