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Choose T Rowe price T Rowe price. Invest with confidence. You're listening to KCRW. This is morning edition, California gets high marks when it comes to certain types of liberal and progressive issues like fighting climate change and supporting renewable energy. But it may surprise you that the Golden State does not score. So well when it comes to women serving in government, sure, four out of five members of the LA county board of supervisors right now are women, but that's an exception women are still far in the minority when it comes to seats in the state legislature and California's congressional delegation, and there are some city councils that have no female members commentator. Joe Matthews says he's come up with a way to change that as he explains and this edition of Zo close, connecting California. It's simple. I didn't come up with it. But in other countries when you want Jared parodying representation, you require gender parodying representation is that legal. Yes. I mean, though, it might require some changes. To our lawn. Perhaps our constitution is a state. But yes, I mean, we have various requirements for representation throughout our government, often are boards and commissions require different constituencies be represented. That's why for just take one example. There's a student Representative on the university of California board of regents if Californians were serious of gender parodying just wanted to talk about it. We could require it. But we haven't chosen to do that yet. I think because we don't know that it's possible do and also because such tools are quickly labeled quotas and for some reason against quotas. Well, how would it work? Let's start with the sort of appointed boards, and panels. And so on that we have around the state. How would you approach that? I think well for volunteer paid ones. I mean, you just require you say, it's gotta be fifty fifty. You know, when you get to people are paid in. This becomes the employees. You might have to change a lot of make explicit that a requirement. Fifty is is is okay, constant with with our nondiscrimination laws. But I mean, you should simply say this body has to be fifty fifty or within a certain range when it comes to elected bodies. You'd have to make a change in the system. One reason we don't have gender parity is because our kind of election system doesn't produce gender parody anywhere in the world where it is used the sort of single member district sorts of elections that we use in California one-seat one person is voted into it. What works is to have elections, which are based on party, which is, you know, most modern democracies us, and you wanna have you know, districts with multiple members where parties offer slates what happens in the European countries and a few others like Tunisia North Africa, we've gotten closer to gender parody is that you require the parties on their slates to have half of the people be women will let me get straight say I'm going to the ballot box. And I'm voting for my local city council. Am I just voting for my party or am? I still voting for a candidate as well. You could do it either way you there's gender perte we stronger if you if you were just voting for slate the for party slate. So you're saying I'm voting for. I don't know the dog lovers party and whoever they're putting in this position. Right. But they would be required or heavily incentivize to produce a list that's diverse and has an has been women both on the way to get. Gender parodies to require gender parody. And we do this. I mean, we're we're doing this right now in corporations that are based in or incorporating California, we've a new law that says that they've gotta have not parody. But at least one board member who's a woman, they're public, and then that goes up to three by twenty twenty one the by the same reasoning you could end up having minorities, whether you're talking racial ethnic age, sexual orientation, physical disability, whatever all saying that they deserve equal representation as well. Right. Couldn't you not couldn't you have having representatives sort of representing special interest rather than the whole their constituency. Yes, I tend tend not to support those kinds, of course, in those areas for certainly in race necessity, which is a very complicated matter, and yes, I realized that gender can be a complicated manner. But the vast overwhelming joy. People identify as male or female and just having that sort of basic rivers in tation is just it also means that sort of different ideas and perspectives are are are represented. And so he's shown that institutions organizations have women in leadership tend to perform better. So for all those reasons this seems like a pretty clear cut case where parody would be good. It would be democratic changing the system to make it possible to mandate. It would improve the election system. This strikes me is one area where we can get the job done. Jim Matthews is a syndicated columnists Zocalo public square. He'll be back next week. And you are listening to KCRW KCRW sponsors include IFC films, presenting read Joan Judi Dench stars in this true story of a woman in her eighties. Who finds herself accused of having leaked nuclear secrets to Russian spies during the final months. Of World War Two in theaters Friday. Santa Monica college and bites you to join award winning robotics, designer.

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