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Backhand winds up for Kourt and hit kut drive and he couldn't clear held Bennett left point High slide declare Right point black black captain alive from monto right circle Now Bennett finding that centers in stamp goes will steal A quick up Hoover dough I think the Panthers want to change here but good play Hoover though to Bennett high slot Shoots over the net The lightning got a little cute there in the neutral zone in Belmont goes behind it at better than another steal that Hegel takes it away for Belmont Delmar out to center Gains the red line and punches it in Hegel plays the cam in the right corner Brandon Hagel protects it Hegel right to go maroon A feed in front belmar just knocked off a stick by Uighur at two luos arena counters To center ice across the blue line to the right circle He'll make his way right corner He's checked hard by eagle and he's down injured Hegel shoved him as he was off balance Selena going to be shorthanded here The Panthers react on Hegel was arena went down hard against the end wall He is up on one knee Hopefully he's going to be okay Well he caught him at a dangerous spot on the ice when he was off balance We pushed him when he was off balance And he went into the boards pretty hard boy Panthers will get their first power play opportunity at 1529 of the first Well not a real it wasn't innocent play but he pushed them There's no doubt about it and then Reinhardt came in He's going through the middle Yeah he gave him a little cross check in the small of the back and that was enough to force him into the corner boards A 5 minute penalty has been What We're going to review Yeah they're going to take a look at this Why would it be 5 miles Because it was a dangerous check It was not a flagrant push though Well he pushed him on the backside Boom Not a smart play Well they are going to take a look at this But I don't know if that warrants a major He lost his footing too Yeah I guess I wouldn't be surprised if this gets rescinded but the originally called it a major on the ice This is a big It is a big call here Very Panthers with their struggling power play have an opportunity here to break out of it and it could be on a 5 minute major It could be in that would be huge to tell you the truth Do you have a lot of opportunity and put a lot of stress on the pile in the penalty killers But look this is why they have to review in place because if you're going to call a major you want to make absolutely sure it's the right call Because a major does he get thrown out He can be but not necessarily Not necessarily Discretion Right Now that game one in Toronto when Kyle Clifford got the major he was thrown out of the game He's been well here we go After review I minor peli for cross checking has been assessed Yeah Two minutes here I think because it was not a flagrant cross check so the effect was worse than the cause If that makes sense but it was a penalty And it looks like Louis arena is okay So that's good news But the Panthers get a power play here an opportunity to tie the game and get their power play kind of in rhythm I mean they've had some good power plays in the series They just haven't scored on any of them Exactly Well here we go Neutral zone face off the star because the Panthers came in to join the scrum from above the circles Hoover Della as Markov's tossed trooper that will take the dragon's torelli cirelli wins it McDonough killing time in front of the lightning net Lifts it off the near glass down the length of the ice Bumps it find his own net for Aaron ekblad Heck flat out towards center ice Drop past bark off one 44 left in the penalty barkov across the blend for Hubert O'Reilly circle loses to McDonough and he bounce it out A nice keep center point Left circle horn quiz seeing power play time Patrick corn quiz left circle to barkov circle He's going in 3.5 Great circle It is Hoover Doe Prosecco left circle under a bit of pressure feeds park off.

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