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I don't even playing right now. We're not two of our best to one of our best Byron Jones Byron Jones but the second one rainy Gregory yes okay. He's not the best I what demarcus Lawrence is a a lot better when Randy Gregory's on the other side well. Let's be honest. Cowboys didn't want send anything more than four correct people for people for Lyman. The game is just forgot we blew faulk union. don't OPEC's Gatto picks and they stopped giving a broader saquon the first quarter up when you're down three touchdowns. You can't keep running the ball. They should have ran on a second. I play Madden and you play just like these negative blood. It's crazy play terrible fourth-down. You're on a ten yard line and you play just like they've played terrible. Okay PAT mahomes chiefs are teased to the chiefs right and use the chiefs. I kill that even miss a beat. He's walking yes. Maybe walking's was a beast here so yes nuts none. I'll say about football like I said it's just warming up. Yeah it's nuts. UFC Two forty two happened. My boy could be numerous medoff Dustin Poirier in Abu Dhabi. This was an exciting card because it happened Saturday afternoon at two PM. I'm used to these cars happening at midnight night. One o'clock happened at two PM could be busy who the fuck could be busy. Just couldn't do anything about it. Just emporia just got his ass and you just you can't plan for that. Do I'm excited to see what happens. After that Paul felder fucking Edson Bar Boza who had a dog fight it could win either way it was a it was a good card but the big the big thing is. I want to know what happens after this does Khabib Babe get the Tony Ferguson fight does he get a dsp Fi- what happens with poor area poor guy seemed very defeat it at the end of it though it was you can definitely see the difference between Khabib fighting person like dust emporia who he respects in finding someone like conor McGregor you know could be shot at McGregor in the Post interview saying saying this is respect. Khabib wore the shirt of the guy he just beat the fuck up and vice versa. That's respect and I think that was. He's a champion champion. Happy to me like there's some real shit. He also jumped out the cage like he did when he fought connor but this time he didn't do it to beat someone's ass he did because he wanted to Hug Dana White but funny funny enough it was received about the beat. Someone asks so they were while in the fuck out but he's like no. I just want to give Dana Hook so shout. interesting fight a not really interesting adjusting. I felt like it was going to go the way it went so yeah. That's that but I'm yeah that's the mother fucking degree life episodes. I thought Serena was GONNA win again this week this break the record. I like watching Serena play. I love watching to nineteen year old Bianca US address school. Whatever the name is Bianca beat her again? She was trying to break the record one more. She breaks the grasslands records but she didn't break her. She ties Nano breaks. Nope nope you try you wanting. She ties that White Lady. Who did it? yeah I just heard it just more on one win away from tying member on uh-huh whatever it's still monumental instrumental in her greatness she gets I just I think Serena needs to do what Jordan in did at the end of his career you think Kobe did at the end of his career. What Lebron James doing his career retiring? That's what they do eventually but she needs to understand that I can't beat people with power anymore. Because there's other powerful people I need to focus on technique Gotcha and I would like to see her spend some time with some of the tennis greats and learn to basically be opponents in a different way so you think he's trying to do too much power still as well. It was kind of like the Tiger Woods thing right. Tiger Woods is always able to out fucking drive everyone until we heard his back correct and then it was like shit. When I got to work on I I mid game in my putting and he was always a dope putter but he had to focus on it more because when you're getting there you're not a stroke ahead now? You're par with everybody. So now you gotta gotTa make those shots so gough breakdown shit so yeah but yeah that's that episode eighty-one Green Light Fuck it is she boy Pete Green Got Jay on fucking heads and fives. Jr kills over in the ones in three zoot at Kells don't ever do. I didn't get no buzzers saying they are but you re started with the Co.. No I said Jay I didn't say your name. I didn't say your in and he said your name. I didn't get it for the INTRO. You did it for the interest. It always takes a while. I don't WanNa hear that it's like when you girl goes away for a little bit and you needed to come back. The fuck rain is the green light cows on a one two three R and Yon August is thanks for checking us out pull up piece. I don't know Somehow Dahlia. Can we okay. We're we're.

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