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We are not judged ultimately by our vote. Unfortunately there are people who identify as christians on the republican and the democratic side. Who really think that we are. And i just praised the lord that that's not the case well and here's the thing right. We talk about cancel culture which i love to call cancer culture because it infection everything and yeah i mean the left is so guilty of this but it is happening a little bit on the ray and happening in these arenas of if you didn't support trump bri and you're just going to cancel those people we need to get rid of them and i think we have to be really careful that while we're calling the left out that we don't do the same thing on the right and so i agree with everything you just said i think for me. I can't possibly grasp what would what would make a christian be passionate about joe biden's policies and who joe biden is. I mean it's just it doesn't it doesn't add up for me. It's one thing to say. Somebody's a nice guy. Or i think he's a good guy and you may think that but at the end of the day you have two things to really base a vote. On in my view a platform policies that are laid out and then you actually have the policies themselves that had been enacted so when it comes to those things particularly on the life issue on identity and what we see happening throughout our culture right now to me as a christian. Now i'm not. I'm going to do the same thing you're doing. I'm not going to say you can't be. I know of christians. Who voted for joe biden. Because they were so disgusted with the rhetoric and the things they saw coming from trump but for me again it goes back to those hallmarks of the platforms in the policies. Yeah and you. You mentioned that when you were kind of decided on your vote in what you're gonna do. You're coming off of writing this book playing with fire. And you're kind of in this hyper or describe like this hyper spiritualized perspective. And i think it's good for us to have always that eternal and supernatural perspective of things that are going on that might not mean that we all land in the same place as christians even having that perspective but it is important for us to think about things eternally in to think about things spiritually. You've touched on this spiritual subject of demonic activities to per natural activity that a lot of people don't think about we don't like to think about. We don't like to talk about pastors. don't talk about. There's not very many books on this subject. And yet i get a lot of questions about this subject about okay like what is how what is satan. What power demons. Actually have. Because there's a rise in in witchcraft. There's a rise in the new age especially among young women and so christians are like okay. Hang on what does the spiritual realm of good versus evil..

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