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Charles one and a few others melinda but now with the brain people you should meet these guys connect you is there anybody who who for whom the fasting mimicking diet would not be appropriate yes so pregnant woman wade below it and bmi in point five or something like that people with diseases they're going to need dr people are taking drugs especially metabolic drugs in solan particularly very dangerous nation you can actually die if you combine insulin and fasting fasting mimicking diet yeah so i think in general if somebody's l d they can talk to the nutritionist and that is an expert in fmd's and they will take them through but if somebody has a disease they they need to run and by the doctor and then the nutritionist and the doctor can can work with them to to see if it's doable right and the preferred preferred protocols to do this five day program three times a year like once a quarter for a year well it depends right so if you somebody who's thirty two year old at the late that is on a biscuit tarian or vegan diet and everything is perfect let's say you probably want to do it twice a year and somebody who's obese got high cholesterol high blood pressure maybe once a month until the move to the lower category and then it goes maybe once every four months and then and then every so i'll say on average people are probably due at one once every four months and then depending on where they stand between the thirty two year old hatchet and the o'brien or respect yeah i got you all right well we got a we have to wind this down but i have two questions i can't let you go without asking the first is if somebody's listening to this or the washing this and they're health conscious they're interested in taking care of themselves but this is brand new information they never heard anything like this before what's the what's the thing that you want people to bear in mind that they might that might not be self evident to the average consumer about how they approach their their day their diet their lifestyle habits.

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