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None of these values people see in him from the outside would hold up because he doesn't really care about any one of them. He's just putting on a performance so that he looks superior to others. And it is this moral bankruptcy that would lead to his eventual fall. Camus uses symbolism in the book to accent this fall. It's a fall from way up high. The high rise lofts of Paris, but this overinflated idea of how great he is, falling, tumbling all the way down to Amsterdam below sea level where Clements compares the various canals in the city to the 7 circles of hell in Dante's inferno. Clement sits in a bar in the deepest circle of hell, telling strangers the story of his fall. And here is that story. Three events in his life took him from thinking he's God's gift to humanity to just some random dude in a bar drinking on a Juniper bush confessing his sins to all the people around him. The first event is something similar to a road rage incident in today's world. One day, as Clements is walking around town, there's a guy who's motorcycle stalls in the middle of the road. Clement starts talking to him, it escalates somehow. Now they're screaming at each other. There's a crowd that's forming on the side of the street, watching all this go down. And someone from the crowd sneaks up behind Clements, sucker punches him and knocks him to the ground. Now, this moment was a traumatizing moment for Clements and his ego. Keep in mind, by the way, the kind of modern person we're talking about here. This is the kind of guy whose values have never really been tested in his life. This is a guy that goes throughout his daily life and truly believes that nobody talks bad about him behind his back. That he's always on the right side of the argument that nobody sees through his charm. This is the kind of guy that would probably sit around and fantasize about road rage situations like this and all the cool stuff he would do. Imagine in all the things the dude on the bike would have said to him. Oh. And then he'd be like Socrates just dressing him down in front of the crowd. Everyone's laughing.

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