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Kost hd 2 los angeles orange county 24hour news more stimulating tom active shooter situation i'm debra mark live from the 24 hour kfi newsroom police in long beach are responding to reports of an active shooter on san antonio drive will have more details as they come into the kfi news room the news is brought to you by solar max sheriff's officials say a man who shot a deputy in new hall was a parolee the band had only been out of prison a month with investigators say he shot a deputy in the neck truly disturbing uh due to a factor this deputy came from a quarter inch of losing his life la county sheriff's lieutenant joe mendoza says the rut in happened last month after the man pulled a gun on a woman the man and some deputies then added up in a shootout the deputy who was shot in the neck is still recovering and ramallah back kfi new a fifty thousand dollars reward has been offered to find the driver who hit and killed a mom on christmas and lamar park she was walking across the street with her 14yearold son whose birthday was that day i'm very sad about what happened to rumour murmur was very level purcell anthony bros says he for gives the driver who caused that fatal hit and run but he and his family just want justice for his mother anthony's mom had given her son escape board for his birthday but when he went to help his mom after the car hitter someone stole it the lapd gave anthony a new one today two men have been arrested for a series of gas station robberies and so cal police chase the robbers after a up in chino hills garden grove police lieutenant kara whitney said detectives from westminster got the guys this morning in south la record crew good a break workers and see a robbery happen and apprehend the suspects in the act is a great police work that they've done detectives are trying to figure out if the man pulled off other robberies officials in new york city say a child has accidentally started a fire that killed at least twelve people in an apartment building new york city fire commissioner daniel nye grow says the flames quickly climbed up a stairwell from the ground floor last night's extorted for young wardrobe of your soul fling with the burden is on the stove uh.

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