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In terms of yeah. If you look at logically by was that confront but. I think more the Campbell, the Campbell's the solid. All gambled we Campbell? Okay. We're GONNA leave then two more seasons web roy Sol Campbell is more in the hearts and minds of Tottenham fans everywhere and also as well if we're going to look at it with a forensic detailed. Potentially, not going to throw this out as justification. But realistically, what we want do hear is so of C- as we're going back, maybe a reasonable. So Campbell was of batting his she's elsewhere may just happen to be. So that's even what but still in nine two thousand, just some of the players that are playing around him and I don't think this is given the circumstances given the era, a terrible team. But Chris Perry Steven Carr. Justin Edinburgh. Steffen Freund Tim show would richer Torika only vin Leonardo these on the West plies ever seen. Instances where you have applies as well of the standard of everyone else around you. It never really ends well when your consistently finishing below his expectations and he's there looking around everyone else going. If you aren't GonNa do anything to bring me up all after going. Get myself open other were solid same. It's great to he's probably they're thinking. Transport is like also, you mentioned in terms that mobbing one reason is flush Rin is oil. It's potentially elsewhere joe season probably another incidents comes into play he's probably thinking well, not a great. Again this ball I, don't remember this to be honest. It's only kind of do research for this is kind of been brought to my attention that was a game against Darby whereas what we're contractually obliged call a scuffle where is accused of breaking the steward's arm, and basically the spurs lawyer comes in and says not plead guilty, but in effect just say. That you did it. You won't get guilty conviction for assault that just say did it you know let it all blow waiver heavily. Oh no on your record knock washable caution we talked about certain things and incidences where social media woodstock over me this incident alone would have had him on red alert. Skylon. Every social media probably would be found guilty straight away which version of what Spurs Italians to do and so Campbell was adamant I didn't do it. So can get stuffed in subway saying Turn around and said like paper own lawyer wait a minute offender to complete a story I should say that claim was dismissed from say no. I wouldn't quote gasifier society defending teams were on the US ninety not knowing six goals in a season for a defender Predom- good solid, not taking penalties and for. The, it's really difficult. This era to grasp onto what was good. What was bad we're GONNA come onto a couple of seasons where they were worse than this, and this point don't good enough to do anything more and then not bad enough to file even in the season where they finished fifteenth Tottenham were Joe you got fire. and. It's still going. You need to put more fuel on it, but it's so of bunning like. So, Campbell's coined the one of the guys that keeps it going in this particular period of time wasn't particularly burning bright, but it was going. Take the backle forward depending on which way you look at in terms of where we got nauseates season they win the league. Cup. Sol Campbell becomes the first black captain to lift the. Trophy. Is..

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