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Earned at the end of your first year automatically discovered something brighter. Learn more and discovered. Com slash match Detroit and Cat urine is high today 64 degrees with partly cloudy skies. However, we have an 80% chance of rain coming to the valley. Your forecast brought you by Howard Air, and it clears up your forecast is clear tonight with a low 43 Sunny and 80. I'm sorry. 62 Tomorrow 69 With partly cloudy skies on Sunday Time for sports. Here's Luke Lipinski at the Parker and Sun Sports Desk. PHOENIX SUNS Get a much needed win last night won 14 93 at home over Steph Curry, Kelly You Bray and the Golden State Warriors. Seven different sons reached double figures in this one. Now it's off to Dallas for a showdown with Luca Don Church and the Mavericks tomorrow. College basketball. The Sun Devils hadn't won since December. 13th was a six game losing streak, but it's over now, after they got past cows 72 68 last night they will host Stanford on Saturday and hockey. The Coyotes snapped a two game goalless drought. They beat Anaheim 32 for their third win of the year. Now they get a few days off. Actually, they'll start a six game road trip in ST Louis next Tuesday. That's sports. I'm Luke Lipinski. Katie Our news Dear home we needed change. Need home sense were one bold piece can change your whole place one a new dining set. She'd throw pillows. Game changing savings mean the answer is yes. Home sense. This changes everything. Here's three great reasons to get the new Samsung Galaxy s 21 5 G AT T Mobile one. It's free for both current and new customers. When you trade in an eligible device to T Mobile, the leader in five coverage so three you can unleash five g speeds and more places with your new phone. Get the new Galaxy s 21 free AT T Mobile, the leader in five G coverage phobia. 24 Monthly bill credits most tax If you cancel credit, stop in balance and required finance agreement. Maybe do contact US qualifying credit Consumer plan required see details to team up with Come on. Does anybody want breakfast? Guys. Let's go. I'm leaving for McDonald's in five seconds. Why more that breakfast Stampede meal? It's only a McDonald's where there's a meal for every morning. And nothing says morning like a classic sausage McMuffin with egg right now, get this all time favorite for just two bucks on the $123 menu. Pricing participation. A very cannot be combined with any other offer a combo meal, but Oppa, Papa! Introducing touch free payments from PayPal a safe way for your customers to pay simply download the papal app and display your own unique You are code for your customers to scan whether you're a market seller, poodle, pamper piano tuner or plumber. Signing up to accept touch free payments for your business is easy Touch freak. You are code payments not applicable to PayPal here Transactions. Other fees may apply shop safe with PayPal. Arizona's breaking News and Traffic K T a R News on 92 3 FM. Good morning, It is 6 30 year listening to Arizona's Morning news. I'm Jim Sharp. And I'm Jamie West. Good morning. They didn't get far. Jim Crow. No way have details about the capture of the two Florence prison escapees. Right after we check in.

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