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Found Cayenne VR tonight with your host Mark willing on the sports leader. Why don't we call it small business plan not agile business nimble business dance circles around the big, bulky behemoths business Bouma office. The small business phone solution has virtual receptionist direct calls to the right extension and a mobile app to help you answer while away from the office of all that small really is the price starting at only nineteen ninety-five a month, visit Emma dot com. That's oh or call eight six six eight four zero eight, seven nine to find out more Houma the phone. Your small business deserves impact mortgage group via Cashcall mortgage one eight two three one. Equal housing lender. Licensed in all states, including your offer not available in Washington. Eight five six five seven ninety nine ten for licensing, terms and restrictions. Attention California homeowners are thirty year fixed. Interest rate is three point seven five percent with a three point eight percents APR used this low rate to refinance your mortgage, or if you have equity in your home, thank cash out refi, and Cashcall mortgage had Cashcall mortgage weird direct lender. And we can close your repaint as fast as twenty days with no up-front deposit, and we'll pay your closing costs Cashcall mortgage can help you. The cash you need to pay off those high interest credit cards and other debts or use the money to transform your home with the remodel you've dreamed of all with a low interest rate, that fits your budget, speak with one of our loan agents today. Lock in this low three point seven five rate with a three point eight two percent APR before it's gone. Refinance with Cashcall mortgage today for a free, quote to see how low you can go call Cashcall mortgage at eight hundred six oh, six twenty three forty seven that's eight hundred six oh six twenty three forty seven eight hundred six oh, six twenty three forty seven the US and China or a trade war. What is the silver lining of that cloud, the stock.

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