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Give us a call here in the traffic center 866304. W t o p. That's 866304 98 67. I'm Rob Stallworth. W t o p. Traffic Storm Team Force moderator. It's gonna get a little hot today. It's going to be very warm today for sure, partly sunny skies a lot of thin high level clouds filtering the sunshine. That's it. But temperatures have been rising pretty quickly this morning, and the humidity is going to stay low. So even I was gonna be quite warm. It is gonna be comfortable high is gonna be in the upper seventies to the low eighties today. And an increasing cloudiness overnight. Tonight it'll be mild. Those will be in the mid fifties to near 60 and that warm for tomorrow but not quite as warm as today because it's going to be cloudy, but the humidity is going to be increasing. So it's gonna have feeling about the same Scattered showers and a few thunderstorms be arriving tomorrow afternoon highs in the low to mid seventies Tuesday, mostly cloudy back into the unseasonable worth that will be human too high to be in the low eighties. A few showers and scattered thunderstorms and Wednesday will be mostly cloudy with a few showers and thunderstorms a strong cold, fertile move through during the day, so it will be breezy and a movie is warm and the humidity will be dropping later during the day highs will be the upper sixties so low seventies 72 degrees right now in Gaithersburg, 60 or 71 in Fredericksburg, and it's 64 at Washington. Reagan National Brought to you by new Look home design. Find out why 30,000 homeowners have chosen new look to do their roof. 10 21 tragedy struck in Charles County this weekend when a father and daughter drowned yesterday. It happened at around six P.m. at a bank yard pool party on Jefferson Lane and Waldorf. Charles County Sheriff's Office says it all started when a seven year old little girl fell into the pool and her 45 year old father then jumped in to save her. But he was unable to swim. A 17 year old boy also left in but was unable to help the little girl or her dad. PMS, Workers rescued all three from the bottom of the pool and performed CPR. They were taken to the hospital where the father and daughter died. The teenagers condition is unknown. Luke Luke ERT w T o P news at four area restaurants, you can now help people pay their water bills During your visit through May, 8th customers can dine and donate using a Q R code displayed on the participating restaurants, table toppers and coasters. Donations.

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