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Time for november. But dana was asked about this in houston. Says we've talked to new york weekdays. We're going to be all right. Because new york defines indoor activity as sports and entertainment as well as dining and a broadway show or a supermarket. Whatever and they were going to actually have a vaccine like mandate or something like that and so channel would say look. I'm not anti tax. I'm just waiting for fda approval. But i think. I mentioned this last week here on the show that i looked into it. And let's look at. The approval was close. At least on the fis vaccine. So i think that vital be okay in november. If it doesn't happen it can in december a couple of weeks later. Because like i said the dnc as a december paper scheduled as well but anyway sounded confident that we're going to get the fight one way or another all right man so anyway. That was our. You'll see to sixty five recap like go said. Thank you very much for being with us for the watch along this past saturday. We're hoping to squeeze one maurienne before you'll see to sixty six which is september twenty fifth and that fight card is a got two title fights valentinus. Shit go against lauren murphy. We also have alexander Against brian ortega headed to phoenix without one and the return of the ads nicosia's fights robbie lawler. We're gonna try to squeeze one more watch along when we have the details Official will let you now. It'll be at the end of august. I don't wanna leave it at that for now but yeah. Thank you very much for hanging on saturday night. And thank you as always for your sport. You can follow me on social media on at mma junkie. George is at the goes. The radio show is at enemy junkie. Radio follows there on twitter and instagram. And check out our other work that we do on our youtube channel youtube dot com slash junkie video. All right folks. We'll see while on thursday noon eastern nine. Am pacific for another edition of after radio blocked there and you champion.

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