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So the appeals been withdrawn which means it session. Middle was disqualified. Which is a shame for him because it was very good drive but isn't it amazing. The passage of time you now accept that as the ruling so you've come to terms with and probably little bit estimate would have been the why it's just like you know it's too high or the f- evaporated by now we let the seal and so whatever you know one lady that we thought we had probably doesn't exist at the moment off. It's leaving wine in a hated room. Kerr for for a couple of years. It's not going to be. They're going to get a good sample. It'll be it'll be very bad. Sample theranos macheted. I've been watching that documentary. The hateley look podcast nevada. What's the discord blow up there. Nas chattanooga learn about affirmative use code chad very junkie injury. Oh okay on that one. So basically it's the equivalent. Acid mass thought. They could get the same amounts of fuel as people could get that much blood out of human as much as s and could get that much fuel out of a kite. The parallels striking. I am intrigued. I'm sick and trade. I look forward to the discussion. God knows i need something to between nine. Am and five am for the next couple of weeks. So one on the list and let's go to the drive a market to Wrap up this part because matiba auto is confirmed. Chewbacca staying at haas. He's still part of the ferrari driver. Young driver fryer driver academy whatever it's called. She's way it's one of those things. We're gonna sit matiba not to go into stein but there is no contract yet but that will happen. He hopes antonio giovanetti will be renewed at l. For mayo which is probably a good sign that he might be friends. Toss this elf. Atari has no alternative but it's current drivers which don't know if that's pessimistic or optimistic. It's hard to know with sometimes. It's a very confidence fee. Driver's saying what we'd like to change them but we can't s alex elbow is considering indie cost. Which if he can't get a drive unifil on next year and considering well assuming red bull racing renew sergio perez which is not a given but it seems likely and assuming that he doesn't find his way into williams which baraboo kinda came. It seems clear that want to keep them at least as a reserve and then he may be well going over to indycar which seems to be a little bit in vogue. At the moment i was i was about to mention on this. It's always been the alternates. Here it's way all the other f one drivers come to spend another detainees in another career. But it's and it's always been that it's always playing bait drivers right. I but felt like before. It was a reluctant plan bay. But now that you're saying drivers like you marcus ericsson's of the world romain grosjean especially in recent times they probably all those f. One drivers stuck in that european bubble and cut and thrust world reform the one. Dekalb very professional series very well run and very loud following. But it's just a little bit off broadway enough to be enjoyable if if if that makes sense and all saying that in a bad round in a in a complimentary way because remember always having he's always indulging in ice cream in american delicacies. Phone hacking you argue with that and he's and he's going very well. I mean he. He spent sorry long in formula one piecing around going absolutely bonkers to finish fifth in a rice when he's a genuine rice winning contender in a lot of one's always bizarre that he's also in the running races like the rookie of the year. He'd indycar bizarre format but obviously a lot more and more these f. one paper going over there and saying this is actually pretty good. I would rather be in contention to win races in indycar and they have a pretty good time at it. Then sort of be miserable in the midfield racing for williams for example. It's probably not where definitely grown zap. And now on you know he could be in that sort of tipping points in his career flecked. Bala with this. It's just too hot. Or do i just find myself going to indycar. So it's becoming more attractive in the corruption and good luck to them. What is interesting. isn't it because it's also this tipping point you mentioned the. Which is i think that the more if one drivers who end up the the more attractive it looks and the less of a. Let's say defacto fullback while it will always be if you grow up in the european system. You're always going to have a crocodile. One that's the point of it. But it will become less of clinging onto your wandering at all costs and kevin magnusson suggested that he probably stuck around for too long because there was not much of a prospect he monte arrived at hostile going anywhere else just because of the way. The driver market works in formula line. Even though he clearly deserved shot in a car but in indycar it can go or you know. He went to america and he could contend rice garage. Clearly as you said he's doing that suddenly we'll find a situation where like let's take. Alex album is the example. If he were dropped as he was last year he would just go to indicate. We consider just going then. We also say. I do wonder this if the rule changes and if on over the next certainly next year nick subsequent couple don't do enough to cape the grid competitive is a whole. Why wouldn't you say more drivers change to a series where there are a lot of other f one drivers or or fun grade drivers and also the indycar. Greg drive as a perfectly good as well. We shouldn't talk down where they can go. And because of the way the series works. You've got a better chance of winning because all the guys who make it to at one almost invariably junior champions like they used to winning stuff heaps. I mean imagined george. Russell dominated every junior series. Only just scored points from williams. How hot must be mentally. It is but that's also the lure of foreign the one it's meant to be that hard any The don't want to be disparaging and saying that. The benchmark is a little bit lower. Because obviously this success. These drivers are finding but it. But it's a lot to obviously with. The cars are fundamentally the same. The two engine. You can pick from and some eric figurines but fundamentally the khazar pretty much argentina who saw it. It's a it's a jazzed up formato basically and in terms of speed as well very very different obviously ride call to haul different ballgame altogether. I'll i'll preface this. I don't actively follow indycar. A hell of a lot of it. If at all i saw just keep tabs on a into in terms of what. I say sort of in the in the in the crooked news media and on the crooked social maybe a you say guys like scott dixon. Who's been around at les. Since i was a schoolboy hellier castro neves one dancing with the stars or threatened with jail time and subsequently won the indy. Five hundred more than once during those periods elizabeth. So judy that you can having a career. Kevin magnussen saying is probably the ship Couple easy this young man. We're talking in that. Kevin magnussen could easily spend ten indycar if he really wanted to to be honest this is a little bit rice and linked debut only meals to the Twenty or so but that's the difference. I think there's an often when i say a driver on their way foam the one. I mentioned this about grown in madison. Last you have it must be a little part of the must be a little pilot inside just is a little bit of dislike. Well i'll a little bit of coming to terms with. I guess your age you've spent so long trying to chase drain you try be there And don't get too worked up on that because lewis sebastian. Good the hogged most of the accolades in the last decade also. But yeah and you often just like what must be thinking when well what do i do after if one. It's these rude shock of it. Almost like becoming a after a professional football has to go back to a civilian lifestyle it just. They often struggle with it where it laced with rising drivers. Thank you peekapoos categories that you want to go to maybe formerly as in the right categories to go to the violence. Yes lots of other categories around the world that you can you take into. Let's talk about former as well because this is the last interesting talking. Point drive a market chat because over the weekend. Nick devries won the championship and world championship. I should say. I will championship awarded and mercedes for. He's rural championship. They also do the same. But then withdrawing their leaving not immediately next year after the next season one more season left but of course we to raise is being talked.

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