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Is it no matter what you do? There's going to be someone off somewhere. It really doesn't matter. So all you can do is what you know, what you really like to do what you believe in and fuck all the haters. Yeah people mean it doesn't seem like I'm doing good point to pay for college. Like I'm just bringing really pure bred Pub dogs. Somebody wants to buy one of your dog's how do they get in contact with you? I should probably send me a message on Facebook before I finally get rid of it for their freedom of speech violations, but I have you want to say real quick I get off here. I apologize about what I was saying about the queen of them something really bad. They don't suck. They suck really really really bad. So very important. That's an important distinction and and on Friday. What do you have coming up? Well, I have will be selling Sean McCorkle born Tonight Tonight of the master bath 2 and 3 and so I can retiring from from the money. I will receive a map off you got to have Dodge on that. So I'm not going to say you got all that but I actually just got asked Rogan cuz I'll be whoever he says as far as Jobs just fire. All right, Greg. What do you have coming up, you know coming up on the 20th will be having the Showcase this finally Workshop. I've been doing has been turned out incredible material. It's it's so much fun. I love loving teacher this workshop. And so if you want to see their students who showcase on zoom on the February 20th, be sure and go do the comedy. It's too. Com. Just sign up for the newsletter and the link will go out in that the week of and then we'll be starting another Workshop the following week on the 23rd. So if you want to study the craft go to the comedy Yes, boss, February 18th to the 21st. I'm headlining at the Laugh Factory in Las Vegas at the Tropicana. So hopefully I'll see you guys there. Thank you, and also you could not stream my special Adam Hunter throwing punches on Fight Pass right now, and I got a show on Fight Pass with Forrest Griffin UFC watch party coming out we and him watch fights together. Thank you guys so much. You guys are the best. I will see you next week better service, even if we even if you don't I'll see you next week. I love you guys. Take care..

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