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You have workers that are probably coming up into those states, and they might be bringing a more active infection with them. That's probably where most of it is is occurring, but at the end of the day you still have to have clarity around the testing. You have to understand where the positive tests are coming from gotTa Run Junk Windsor Investigative Reporter W. M., F., D. TV and Mansfield Ohio. Thanks for coming on, but. I think information is what we need. You gave a lot tonight and I thank you tonight. For coming on the bill. Cunningham Show Jack Thank. You very much, thanks bill. Thank you God, bless you. Jack Windsor and so what we're saying is towns important. Do what you gotta do. I'm one of those guys that have fallen the rules in social sociology, but those are the facts Bill Cunningham with you every Sunday night. Billy Cunningham the great American it. Can I say enough time? uh-huh times that every life is precious. The fact you're in a congregate, setting or Emma an immigrant of one type or another or possibly in a long-term convalescent center, or President doesn't mean you should die covert nineteen. Oh, absolutely not I'm a practicing Roman Catholic, but the media of this event is grossly disproportionate to other events that could also be covered. That are not covered because it doesn't fit. See All the news that fits they print. and. The fatality rate in America is holding steady or going down, not going up as the infection rate continues to climb. The fatality rate would also. But it has not climbed and thank God it hasn't. It is extremely contagious. At nineteen, but also not very fatal for individuals under the age of forty. Let's continue with more coming up. Next is Cancun Cinelli who's acting director of the homeland. Security and more Bill Cunningham with you every Sunday night. As you may know the homeland, not real secure for all kinds of reasons and the acting.

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