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Hey, man. Anyway, I have a tie between Rodney Dangerfield and Richard Pryor. I like them both and I had the opportunity years ago. Both him. Richard Pryor was a New York City Civic Center, you're sitting and Ronnie we will not protect the reality tone, Elizabeth small you saw him again, if the Garden State art center about and they were great about when. Okay, when he was at the reality show about when was that even by decade. Late seventies late. Okay. That would make sense then he became even even an even bigger name throughout the eighties. So yeah, that makes to be realtor. School tickets cost fifteen dollars to see him in Elizabeth. So you're totally evenly split between the two of them. You don't find one? No because I like Rodney's one liners and Richard young his comedy talking about himself after accident where each setting self on fire doing drugs free. Beijing about it. About it. So. And you real quick when you started radio we started in Detroit. Started in Detroit. Where did you start? I radio. I mean, no, I mean, like you're like you're talking like the very first radio station. When you first started radio when I first started. It was a tiny little town in Pennsylvania, canton, Pennsylvania. Okay. I'll let you go your father gave you my phone number because I used to do Rania work stand up. Raleigh folic debut. My phone number. You call me and asked me to run you over the phone. This was just when you were going into radio. I don't even remember this, dude. Oh, yeah. All right. We'll give us some Rodney. No, wait. Wait. Wait. You know, what half the lines are going to be dirty? This might be a bad idea. Do you have a clean Rodney, you could do an easy here? This. Okay. Yeah. We just got a dog, we call them Egypt. Seventy roomy leaves a pyramid. Okay. I'm sorry. This is nothing. But but we thank you for calling. Hey trap. Like, jim. Jim do just reading a line. That's all it was needs to. If you have a Rodney impression. Okay. All all Rodney, impressions go through the Joe cutters department in this building. And unfortunately, there is no door on that department that you can close that is open twenty four seven. No, I don't I don't have any Rodney impression, right? Our phone number's one eight hundred eight three one zero one point five or talking about stand up comics, John Mullany and SNL's p Davidson they were doing a show together as they've been doing lately. And this is that count Basie over the weekend Kylie here went to see them. So we're just talking about comics who who do you love who? Do you think is great who he actually seen live now between Rodney Dangerfield, Richard Pryor? I don't even think it's close. Richard Pryor is just a freaking genius. Rodney Dangerfield is just like a joke machine. All I know Richard Pryor is when he was on Saturday Night Live with a association with Chevy Chase. That's all you know. Yeah. Seriously. Sorry. No, it's okay. Well, like, I said because you're younger like, you're gonna know. All these you're gonna know like Bo Burnham the young hip com. Yeah. Exactly. I'm gonna know comics where half of them are dead. So that's how it's going to go. Have you ever seen anyone like well before they exploded? Ooh, you know, not really sadly because Pete Davidson I actually saw this is a weird flex, but like ten years ago like way before he got big when he was just a teenager. Yeah. Really at an open mic. Okay. What was that? Like was it a because open mics usually all it is is guys who want to get into comedy that. You're just playing to other comics who want to get into comedy. And so it's very competitive and either if if you're friendly you'll laugh to support him, or if you don't know the guy nobody wants to laugh at you because they're all wanting your spot. Yeah. This was a room of teenagers trying to make it in comedy. And Pete Davidson was far and away the funniest one. Really, okay. Wow. That's impressive them. No. The only guy that I ever saw. And you won't even know him probably because he he got into acting more than stand up. You have did you ever hear of a guy named Anthony Clark would not? I would not sorry. No way. Mufeed? Okay. Did you ever hear of a TV show called? Yes. Dear or a TV show called Boston Commons. That sounds more familiar. Okay. He was the star of those shows. He was also in a Sean Connery movie. He got into acting. But Anthony Clark was a comic in Boston that I briefly new and this was all before any. That's the only guy that I saw before he was anything still counts. I'll talk to Nina in Westville, you're on New Jersey one zero one point five. Is first time caller longtime listener, I love the show this subject, I had the call. My husband, and I we went to put in a theater, and it was the opening act for dentists Judy. I guess it was about two years ago. And it was he was a sterile. We not stop laughing. He's just so undervalued I had to call in and give give them a big Hello and a plug. So no a. You say that isn't Judy were headlining an uncle Floyd was opening for them. Yes. Yes. Exactly. World. How the mighty have fallen. I mean, it was a big freaking deal. That's all I'm saying. Back in the day was but somehow I dunno. I just didn't hear much about him for years and years. And then you know, we go to theater a lot. We see the place, and then when they were advertising this show, you know, we just figured we have to have to go down in the nineties. He briefly did a show right here on one one point five. No, I didn't know that that didn't last long. Oh, that's a shame. Something happened involving him appearing in a certain kind of magazine, and then it was kind of over. So I won't get into details. But you could fill in the blanks on your own. All right, Nina. Thanks for calling as true story. Thanks for calling New Jersey one at one point five Kylie over the weekend. Saw John Mullany and Pete Davidson with their stand up show that they're doing together who is your favorite comic. Who have you seen live one eight hundred eight three one a one point five? Now, the latest New Jersey news from nj one zero one five dot com. Free. People are dead after a horrible crash at Wayne gas station, the.

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