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But it's different so that way it feels different than yeah the reading isaiah where the apocalypse. I don't know if this is a good analogy. But sometimes i think of the letters in a similar way to how i think of the writings of the old testament. Because you have this. Core material the gospels that is talking about jesus and his life and death and resurrection. And then the letters are kind of interpretive or responses to what happened or explaining more how to live in light of that it's like a reflection in some way or another on the life of jesus. Sometimes they think of the writings of the old testament that way to like a reflection on what came earlier. I don't know if that is by writings. You referring to the third second Yeah the psalms and yeah like esther is a new narrative context like a community of jews in exile sergia. But it's picking up all of the themes of when the nation's conspire to thwart god's plans god raises up chosen remnant and they face a great test have to surrender their lives and surrender everything in the trust that god will create life out of death. Oh that could summarize genesis consumption year but esther takes us themes from earlier in the collection. But we're in a similar way. Paul will pick up the story of jesus but then as he addresses the crisis in the carinthian house. Churches has very practical. Yeah they'll take the ideas but then address them shape it all in a different way than he would. In a letter to the romans or the way peter does to the churches of asia minor. Is that what you're saying. It's kind of the same core ideas but developed in a different direction. But i guess the question. I have is. Did paul think he was finishing the cannon like contributing to the finishing in the cabin canon. Because it seems like paul was to sit down and go oh man so. The story needs to continue. We've got the tanakh and these his familiar with the gospels. Where you could tell me but like we need some literature that kind of finalizes and helps bring this to a capstone as we were saying. If that was my agenda very fluent in the hebrew bible. I would have tried to write stuff that felt very at home in that literature wisdom literature or narratives about the apostles that basically instruct and teach and give wisdom but through the way that narratives do and poetry and stuff and i guess paul does have patriots letters. But he's writing letters. I see what you're sick. Yeah that's right so like in his in his correspondence with the thessalonian so he talks about how. Hey when we came and showed up thessalonica which was like consumer access. They were just there for three weeks. Just a few weeks to black plant this church but then he starts writing letters to over the course of a much longer period and he talks about how you received us. You see our words not as human words but as a word from god. So paul hadn't awareness of being commissioned by jesus to announce the good news that he believe came from the god of israel work so in that sense. He believed that what he was writing on behalf of. Jesus giving god's guidance to these communities and peter also says in second. Peter three sixteen that you know paul talks like this. And he says things that are hard to understand and he compares it to the other scriptures that are graph as so it's like there was a recognition that what paul was writing at that time was scripture. Peter recognizes it. Thank you. That's a really important passage. Because you have one puzzle recognizing another apostles writings is giving dividing guidance. The same way the hebrew scriptures do so. I think part of it is just we encounter the bible first of all we call it with a singular noun the bible everywhere else in the bible it just refers to the bible's it's always plural because the word bible means scroll in the bible isn't one scroll it's a collection of girls so we encounter as one volume bound between two covers. I think that constricts our imagination right because the codex which is the bound version. Yeah didn't show up until the three hundred or something yeah. It was invented earlier but it was adopted like full steam in the second third centuries. Ad in so so before that you're always going to just have a scroll scopes blah unlikely. Will you have all of them. Yeah yeah because you'd have to be really rich right so if i asked the question. Did paul think he was writing a text. That would end up in my bible in that category. He didn't have a category. Did paul think that he was offering. Divine guidance commissioned by jesus to early church communities and if that next to the torah scrolls and if he knew that somebody was reading that alongside genesis in the sunday gathering. I think paul feel great about that and that is what started happening which is why he says to the questions. Hey i wrote a letter to this. Other church should read that around and then they should radio here. Because the apostles view themselves as the heralds of a new covenant between god and people that's been inaugurated by jesus the covenant with israel was launched through moses that had a body of writings attached to it the new covenant has an emerging body of writings attached to it as well and This is michael kruger's whose book i mentioned earlier. This is how he conceives events been helpful to me. So the new testament the new testament the word testament means covenant. It's the.

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