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First of all, I want to let everybody know you could go to McKinley to learn more about Christy. She does Reiki healing. I'm curious. What's the biggest change that you got out of participating in the business accelerator feeling of that? I don't have to do everything at once and that it's okay to ask for help and support and accountability to grow my business. And if you were talking to another entrepreneur or off today, why would you tell them that they should sign up and participate in the next business accelerator because I found that I had the support and accountability that I need to like to make all the you know, life and decisions my business and the results that I achieved what I don't believe would have happened any other way, they wouldn't have happened as easily and I learned so much down. Off of reaching a lot of goals that I didn't think we were attainable or were several years off their already here. I'm already attaining them..

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