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2001, Ben slaney was the national operations manager of the FAA and tells me the most striking moment of his job that day was watching united one 75 make a left turn live on television to strike the south tower. That was a shock that sent a gas through every one of my staff and myself, maybe 30 or more of us in the room that day. Even more amazing was that 9 11 was slimy first day on the job. But I had over 35 years of experience. He tells me once he got word that American 77 had struck The Pentagon, he ordered all aircraft still in the air to land at the nearest airport. We were trying to make the air space safe and that seemed a way to do it. It's for CBS News, Philadelphia. There are new developments in the Justice Department's investigation into the origins of the January 6th assault on the capitol. Sources tell CBS News that a grand jury has issued subpoenas to several associates of former president Trump. It's not clear how many subpoenas were issued or who's getting them, but investigators want to know about the former president's fundraising efforts and spending between the 2020 election and January 6th. This is separate from the investigation into the classified documents recovered from the former president's Florida home. Vice president Kamala Harris tells members of the Democratic National Committee Saturday that the focus of the fall campaign needs to be on Republicans who want to cast doubt on the outcome of that vote before and after it's held. We all, by coming together, reaffirm that we refuse to let extremist so called leaders dismantle our democracy. Midterm elections are just 58 days away. And Illinois man pleaded guilty to felony charges for assaulting law enforcement officer and law enforcement officer and assaulting a member of the media during the attack on the capitol on January 6th. According to court documents, 44 year old Shane Jason Woods was among those illegally on the capitol grounds joining a mob in the lower west terrace area. After someone sprayed an officer with a chemical irritant at the officer gave chase, that's when Woods rammed into the officer knocking her down into a barricade. He will be sentenced next year. Coming up on WTO after traffic and weather a school principal charged with DUI and leaving a crash scene, also in happier news, a harvest moon celebration continues today find out when and where in minutes. Get

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