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The fucking solve their beef they've solved that beef and then this happens so randy is onstage and he's like i need the bee's master to join me for this for this round for the chorus randy and the beast mestre saying or wrap this part you it's frank and joe you it's franken joe if you're innocent of the crime if you're staring at hard time if the walls are closing in if you're up sion's are running thin you'll it's franken show it's franken joe franken joel come through franken joe no what to do don't even think about making tracks just fill these homes and on the facts you'll it's franken joe you'll it's frank and joe and joe says i bet it'll be a hit frank says it's definitely fresh first of all you just honestly correctly two thousand set like remember feed you remember that european land she would like what you just did like she like wrapped on the justice album she had a track i think like and she was like one of those sort of like blog people and that was spot on truly really you just put like a minimalist beat behind there's yeah okay there was a where people spank franken because otherwise because i kept trying to mrs where you went right and i was going wrong i kept trying to make the the verse fit with the chorus of your wits franken joe were beyond verse chorus at this point i know i was like climate solar is yeah 'cause the bees master joining him on the chorus which means he then sat back twice the joined in the courses joke and it's franken joe yeah yo it's franken joe that's i just imagine the whole audience franjo joe what's franken joe you'll it's franken joe if you're innocent of the crime if you're staring at her time if the walls closing in if your options are running thin frank and joe joe's franken joe franken joe will come through and that's where for me it was like okay no not even what you read off the cover falls apart cool is the rule when you're on the case endangers in your face not of sim syllables endangers in your face i part the thing that i feel like happens with these wraps is the only thing that the writers care about is rhyming yeah and not cadence or like beat does not matter when let me see so as we've learned from many arapahoe like make whatever you want some rhyme run when you own a case and done the danger you face i feel like you have to do a lot of like you have to throw somebody yeah that's so popular right now in like rap to be like oh maybe imagine a lot of like remixes it's almost works yeah another thing they can't alter ramping over that shit shit yeah i was so confused by the blue character i thought he was his name is blue looney throwing blue snakes reynolds this is gonna be there red herring yeah that's they're they're being yeah and in a way they were except he was also i mean like you some sort of ninja lord and probable probable murderer so like it didn't quite work it should have been like i'm just yeah i sell i own the what you want for me yeah usually a red herring is like i am not a threat like i'm not the guy you want but i am definitely a threat and i'm also kind of guy you want yeah but i was so confused because it's like the go and confront him and he's like yeah i believe in signs but i didn't have it wasn't a hurt you then the snake in like but no i didn't have any buddy subway yeah in that tape player and which is going yeah yeah i didn't yeah i just had them follow you i wouldn't have my guys hurt you unless you deserved it and then they leave they come back and it's kind of the same thing of like no i didn't do that i told my guys to scare you off but i i would never i'm not i'm not that kind of guy frankly flies off the handle though but i head just so oh yeah joe and frank took the stairs up one flight to chang's office joe deep breath turn the knob and push the door in blue chang sat on a sofa seemingly waiting patiently for them in yet my young friends chinks at smiling what a pleasant surprise now listen frank said is he and joe entered chang's office we're not here.

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