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Mom. Yeah she's like I feel like I call nine one one. I call the police and I call my friends back home and they're like wandering around. I have a friend walking around the South Bay Galleria with a picture of my dad and people knocking in door to door. Wow and the cops called me like two hours later in my debt and made it all the way to south central La from Redondo Slash Torrance Lawrence. How far that? That's like an hour drive or like and it turns out. He took the bus. He just started. He got on the bus and just started taking different bus lines and the ended up by the Coliseum. Wow from Lino south twenty minutes south of the airport you know and so I I had. I had a weekly show in San Francisco at that time called the business and it was every Wednesday you have done the business. Yeah and and I was like I think I need to go do a set right now like I was like. I can't cancel this and then I was like I just retold the story on stage flow and for the first time felt like a comedian. It's like that moment really like okay. That was really I was myself season one. Yeah I'm sorry we're going to have to skip. We'll get a lot of that other stuff in flashback but that has to be in a AH yeah. We're operating on different time. Yeah graduates. Garcia is a time jumping comedy-drama Chris Harris. Chris is us we Chris. This is US I. I was like no talk. Nobody loves everybody asks. Everybody hates curious. Anyway I it when it was such such and there was only like seven people in the crowd. That night did it but I did it and it felt I was like we know when you think of the people that you look to your doubts. Pry Your Anne Bruce. It's not on that level or anything but personally I was like I was myself and I was vulnerable and right I was just in the moment. y'All acting the jokes were are there. It's like you took this unformed ball of dough but you pushed it through your talent and it came out as like sliced bread. That's where my phone number rings. Everything's fine okay. I think he just called to say hi. That's awesome But yeah million pardons you felt like prior where you were better than better than prior fascinating priors and garlic garland's God Jeff Garland talking to you. Don't get the plane you look. Oh my God. Jeff Garland George Carlin I look George Urge Carlin Paxton stuff. Then you get a bigger should use airplanes seven words you should say. Ah Yes Larry. That's.

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