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And homo and early out there really cool thing is you can go into google maps right now or ways and type in the border wall and it will drive you write to the bathroom closet thrown out there that you think she lives in that neighborhood and she's like i can bring my kids and we can right on the mall all now have yet because my hope is you'll be able to walk around it and read all these different stories friends that are that are illegal that live here they're going to put letters that they've wrote back and forth to their family pictures of a grandparents died and it can go back to see them so you'll see it as you know the the human life lives that are affected by this young and i want people to stand on one side of that the mexican side and put their hands on him think while if if this little thing kept me from having a an opportunity or kept my kids from going to school or know if i could cross this one little strip of land and suddenly make income to to to take care have my you know the people i love like what is that fuel like because a lot of people don't they don't get the yeah they don't understand and are you also had some help building the wall by undocumented workers kharaia they're all all illegal workers here in atlanta one out were they worried that they work and asked her to get in trouble for north especially the of press that it's me getting because i never intended on this getting this big before the hour it's even done yes it really put it put them at risk yeah absolute but they were willing because you're and the more amped up a story and more at risk they get the or they realize they were having a voice yeah the more they realize like a this is important okay it's it is worth me being a part of him risking for the hope that people will see is leparoux understand yeah i sort of like some suggest that people understand the wall the structure itself is there yes up but the but the murals are not isis in a mureaux arnon and yet and it's en it's in a.

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