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People who live in the Northwest angle already feel Stranded the pandemic has only made it worse the angle as it's known as technically the northernmost part of Minnesota. But in order to get to it, you have to cross an international border drive through Manitoba and cross over into the US again, it's bordered on three sides by Canada and by a body of water on the south. The anomaly is thanks to a map surveying error made more than two hundred years ago. But if that Quark was once sort of amusing it's now become annoying because since the spring the angle has essentially been cut off from us visitors. Paul Coulson owns. Jake's Northwest angle Resort. He told CBC Manitoba that it has been a glacially slow tourism season. All of our business comes from the states and if you live here if this is your residence, you're allowed to Transit through Southeast Manitoba. And if you're not you can't so as a result business most of the others cuz we're all tourists tourism based. I called them up this morning and we were kind of ballpark in eighty-five ninety percent reduction in I guess our sales this some know what about Canadian visitors have they made up for the lack of Americans? There are some Canadians who I wouldn't call them visitors. They would be workers that are doing two very long were water improvements on the two Indian reservations, but there's you know, maybe there is 40 people coming and going there. We're not mad that the Canadians allowed to come and go through here. We're just took us we are treated the same. What do you mean by that? Well, it's apparently essential or Canada Customs feels that it's essential for the Canadians to egress through the angle. It's not essential. Our tourists to get to us. So then how do you hope the rules change so you can get visitors from America? We're not looking for the Canadian border to be open for say we're looking for us people to be able to Transit through Southeast Manitoba. You have to understand that you don't even have to go through spring not at all, but they get here. There's probably 12 driveways. It's Gravel Road Woods, there would be no risk whatsoever to Canadians if people were allowed to drive through here. It's like no contact travel they could put their ID on the outside of the windshield wiper and talk with Customs through the phone looking at him through the window. I mean, it would be zero exposure. So have you taken these ideas to a government like Canadian or American? Absolutely, we've definitely told our federal representations cuz this is kind of a you know, it's as a country to Country matter, maybe cuz I'm in Minnesota and most of my federal reps. All of them are Democrats more of the shelter-in-place. Aptitude and there's other fish to fry with it being a political year. I'm looking to educate Canadians that there's there's this little tiny Community that's being strangled. Paul Colson owns a resort in minutes is Northwest angle, which you can only access through Manitoba. He was speaking with Sam Sampson host of CBC Manitoba radio.

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