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Futures up about 7 points up about two tenths of a percent. Now future is little change in NASDAQ futures up to tenths of a percent or 24 points. Straight ahead your latest local headlines plus a check of sports and this is Bloomberg. All right, Karen, thank you 6 31 on Wall Street. Let's bring in Michael Barr with the lookouts going on in New York and around the world once again, good morning, Michael. Good morning, Nathan, New York governor Cathy Oakley says complacency is our enemy when it comes to fighting COVID, the flu and RSV. Step up this time, step up into December and January and get us through February. Get us through the worst times by just if you're going to see somebody that's in a vulnerable situation, just get tested. Governor Hulk Hogan says New York will be ready with testing and vaccines. New Jersey governor Phil Murphy is recovering at home after his office says he had minor surgery yesterday. The governor's office would not say what the procedure was except that the surgery was not related to a cancerous tumor he had removed in 2020. Mayor Eric Adams says the system to provide affordable housing is broken, not just in New York City, but all over. Adam spoke at a faith based summit in New York. And all we do is kick the can down the road. We know at the beginning of the year, we're going to fail a large number of people in their primarily black and brown and immigrants. And we know it A frustrated Adam says we spend billions of taxpayer dollars for the broken issues we created. Months after the FBI seized records marked classified from Mar-a-Lago more sensitive documents are surfacing. This time in a storage unit said to be used by former president Trump in Florida. Logo law professor Laurie Levinson. It is clear that the judges have gone to Trump and his lawyers, and said, search again, look harder because national archives does believe that there are more documents out there. Searches were reportedly conducted around Thanksgiving. The House ethics committee is investigating democratic representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They did not say though for what alleged if any violations of congressional rules. Global news, 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts more than a 120 countries. Michael Barr, this is Bloomberg Nathan. Thanks, Michael. 6 33 on Wall Street time for the Bloomberg sports update brought to you by tri state Audi, here's John stat shot. All right, Nathan, Yankee fans obviously relieved with the news that Aaron judge staying in New York and now they want to know who might they yanks as they need a left Fielder, where does that might be the pirates Brian Reynolds or a return of Andrew Ben and teddy. They like that as starting pitcher, Carlos radon's name's been mentioned but he's looking for a lot 6 years, 180 million the money being thrown around is staggering much course was made of judge being the poster boy for betting on yourself by turning the yanks down last spring. He ended up with almost a $150 million more. How about Xander bogarts? Red Sox last spring offered him 6 years, 120 million like

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