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Hey there folks I am talking to CL Bryant host of the seal Bryant show The filmmaker behind runaway slave and the author of a book a race for freedom Talk about that CL The book of race for freedom which you wrote is that pretty much a reprisal of the ideas that we're talking about today in case somebody wants to hear more about this Very much so You can get it on Amazon Or you can go to you can go to runaway slave movie dot com as well and find it there It is a book that outlines how America has been established for a race of people who would understand the value of liberty and freedom We are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights And among them is life liberty and the precision of happiness We don't know whose face Jefferson had in mind when he pinned those words but we do know this I know this for certain When he wrote those words he guarantee that the day would come if we were true to those words that I'd be here speaking with you Eric And you'd be speaking with me in a free America That is the race for freedom That is a race for freedom that has been established on this earth And it is a race of people Americans who in fact have you worry your friend may be struggling Remember you don't have to be there to be there You could say how wild you will get a fake tattoo You can ask for the app if it works for you You go write them a tech sword little sweater if you can't beat together you go.

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