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The latest. Well, these Hello. I am Chris Barrow with the BBC News in what's being described as the biggest trial in France is modern legal history. The court case begins in Paris today of many of those accused of involvement in terror attacks almost six years ago. 130 people were killed and hundreds wounded when Islamist gunmen roamed through the French capital targeting bars, restaurants, the National Football Stadium, the Bataclan concert hall. Lucy Williamson reports from the French capital. This trial is seen as a chance to turn national trauma international history. 20 defendants are facing charges of murder, complicity and terrorist conspiracy, among them, Saleh Abdeslam, once Europe's most wanted man, and the only suspected attacker to survive that night. He's due to appear later today at a brand new chamber inside the courts of Justice in Paris, built specially for this trial Despite the security challenges holding these hearings in the heart of the city was a symbolic decision, the Justice Ministry said. For a trial, the whole world would be watching. Leaders of the pro democracy group, which organizes Hong Kong's annual vigil to remember those massacred in Tiananmen Square have been arrested. Xiao Hang Tung, the vice chairwoman of the group, was among those detained. From Hong Kong. Here's Danny Vincent. Xiao Hong Tung was arrested just hours before the barrister was set to represent an opposition politician charged with violating the national security law. Police arrested Miss Chow and other key members of the pro democracy group in the early hours of the morning. National security Police had accused the organization of being an agent of foreign forces and requested that the group provide information about his membership, finances and activities. The organization refused to provide the information and deny the accusations. The United States has criticized the composition of Afghanistan's new interim government, which includes figures accused of mass killings. The State Department spokesman expressed concern that it only includes Taliban members and close associates. He also criticized the fact that despite the Taliban having promised an inclusive government, no women or figures from minority communities have been named so far. Leaders of the West African regional grouping Echo was are due to meet in a virtual summits to discuss Sunday's military coup in Guinea. Here's Chris Walker. There are indications of course, miss Suspend Guinea and possibly activate some economic, financial and trade sanctions against the military rulers. Experts say the Africa Union, United Nations and ECOWAS have seemingly and those or turned a blind eye to electoral fraud. An amendment of constitutions by the ruling class to remain in power over the decades now manifested military cools and paving way for political instability in the region. This is the world News from the BBC. Fire in an overcrowded jail in Indonesia has killed at least 40 people, a government spokesperson said. The blaze started at the tank around prison near Jakarta early on Wednesday morning. The authorities is still evaluating the facility. An investigation into the cause is underway, but first reports suggested an electrical fault was to blame. Energy ministers from Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Egypt are meeting today to discuss the US backed plan to ease Lebanon's crippling energy crisis. It's hoped that Egyptian natural gas and Jordanian electricity can be transferred over lands to the country, which is facing its worst ever economic crisis. The plan has the potential to provide eight hours of electricity a day. The people of Morocco are voting today in parliamentary and local elections. Many voters are concerned about the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which is also meant that no big political rallies could be held. The moderate Islamist Justice and Development Party has led Morocco's coalition governments over the past decade. The father of the American pop singer Britney Spears has filed a petition to end his controversial 13 year control of her estate. The legal arrangements dates from 2000 and eight when she suffered mental health issues. The thing is now 39 Here's David Willis. Britney Spears, herself twice during the summer, spoke in court to call the conservative ship abusive and to say that she had been coerced into doing things against her will. Well, now we have this extraordinary petition filed today here in Los Angeles, the court by her father, which basically seeks not only to remove him from the conservative ship, but to bring the conservative ship itself. To an end. Now it will be up to a judge here to approve that, But clearly this is the beginning of the end and a resounding victory for Britney Spears and her supporters. BBC news. Many thanks for the latest. Hello. This is new Stay with Claire and Lawrence, Afghanistan. Next we asked what next for women. Some brave women have been taken to the streets to protest in the country and the Taliban has cracked down. And also we'll be talking about the situation of the refugees. The migrants from Afghanistan where are they going to be settled and how Also, we got sport. We got business will be talking about the freedom Fone that promises free speech we hear from its billionaire founder And will Britney Spears finally be free from the conservative ship of her father. Her fans have been campaigning for she might get what they want. They will bring you the latest twist in that tail. Let's start in Afghanistan. The country is.

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