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Left lane Lowe's remember event ends November 24th Get top values on programs like the Walt and spider lows the new home for pros U.S. only married to pump a WT traffic Here's storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts Brist today is those wins out of the northwest continue to gust up to about 2025 miles an hour Lots of sunshine today but feeling like the 20s and 30s for the remainder of the daylight hours before the wind settled down after about 5 p.m. Now clear skies overnight light winds were in the teens and 20s to start your Wednesday morning Wednesday beautiful light winds upper 40s We head into your Thursday morning It's gonna be chilly for those Turkey trots Avengers 20s and 30s We'll have increasing clouds on Thursday Temperatures will top out in the midtown for 50s by Thursday afternoon and Thursday evening Now as we head into Thursday late night after ten 11 o'clock in the evening we'll start to see some rain pushing in keep that in mind for any Black Friday shopping rain through the overnight and through early on Friday becoming sunny Friday afternoon and windy temperatures in the 40s on Friday I'm storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts Right now we've got partly cloudy skies 43° brought to you by mattress warehouse by with confidence with a one year price guarantee only at mattress warehouse sleep happens dot com It's one 42 The Grammy nominations are out and there's a surprise It's musician John batiste The recent Oscar winner made such an impression on voters that he scored an impressive 11 nominations including album of.

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