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Plan your visit and save on tickets at capital remodel and garden dot com Four 38 Traffic and weather all the aids we started in the WTO traffic setter with rich hutter A couple of things to watch out for first inbound on south capital street on the Douglas bridge right above the river got a sign that fell over in the left lane to stay right to get by there that's inbound south capital street about halfway across the span against stay right past the debris in the roadway Now inbound or eastbound I should say westbound on the 11th street bridge headed inbound toward the southeast Southwest freeway just beyond the merge point whereas I two 95 and D.C. two 95 crash at last report remained in the left lane to stay right to get around to squeeze there but be careful nonetheless Now headed into the district southbound on the boulevard Washington Parkway as you approach the bridge over top of 50 the crash along the right side was single vehicle that apparently struck the bridge It's the facing the wrong way traffic squeezing by or happen squeezing by a single file to the left they may have stopped traffic with a tow truck on scene will keep you posted for now be careful coming south on the Parkway headed into the district Now in Montgomery county checking for the crash near a reported near the intersection of great Seneca highway at middlebrook road police and fire headed that way check your mirrors If you're traveling on two 70 though from Frederick down to both loops of the beltway for now you're moving well Bay bridge remains under limited wind restrictions Again that means no empty high profile vehicles will be allowed to cross three O one on the nice Middleton region southern melon.

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