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Ambassador Sunland said he became a reluctance messenger this summer relaying an ultimatum on the president's behalf you informed Mr your mock of that they would need to invest announces investigations in order to get the A. did you not I likely did someone said he came to understand that Ukraine's new president would not get a coveted White House meeting or crucial military aid unless he announced an investigation into berets ma the company that employed the son of former vice president Joe Biden CBS is Nancy corners there's another Democrats debate getting underway right now in Atlanta CBS of Peter king is there ten candidates a past complicated thresholds of both pulling and financial support to be here Joe Biden Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders a leading the latest CBS news battleground tracker poll be booted judges behind the but gaining support in the early states former Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh is at the business end of an eleven count federal indictment alleging she into city workers arrange fraudulent sales of her self publish children's books to schools libraries and a medical system all too in richer self and promote her political career FBI special agent in charge Jennifer Boone statement announced today is an example of what happens when a public servant engages in a corrupt behavior seeking cursed personal gain through fraud while occupying a position of public trust if convicted he faces up to twenty years in prison on each wire fraud count and five years for each tax evasion counts but a hundred thousand or rather a hundred twenty thousand people in northern California lost power today prescribed outages by Pacific gas and electric due to wildfire conditions that was less than a third of those who received warnings yesterday KCBS reporter Jeffrey shop so the County Board of supervisors president David rabbit says no matter the numbers it.

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