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Eventually well ran dry. And i needed to figure something out so My dad was in the navy and have had lots of other family members who were in the military so i went like everyone else the recruiting office and try to figure it out to go in the marine corps. I that didn't work out. I had too many tattoos. By that time so i ended up going into the army and eventually enlisted and win as a combat medic. So going into the army wars from the first thing that you started figuring out about yourself because at the military's very revealing process and sometimes you don't figure out what it revealed till decades in years later. But i'm interested in your case because you've been in the depths of the psyche of what you go through so i'm wondering what do you think the army helps you reveal by yourself. I think that's really true. It took me a lot of years after. Just sometimes figure out some of those life lessons right but the army helped me become more disciplined. That's for sure. I was living this crazy. Wildlife as a teenager and even as an adult. I was twenty before i finally got into the army so for me i needed to learn some humility and some discipline and also what it was like to care about other people. You know when you're a teenager and getting higher very selfish only worrying about yourself so we have to look after from. Yeah exactly so Learning how to care about the next person was Invaluable to me now as an adult as you look through your the past. Have you been able to try to pinpoint appoint where you started. Losing the ability to empathize with people before like in high school. Was there like a turning point moment in time. where like you just started focusing on yourself versus other people. I can't really pinpoint at time now. But i think That area of my life those couple years fifteen to nineteen or sort of a blur you know in some regard definitely recognize the need for change when i was like twenty. And my life was really unraveling. And i couldn't pay my rent at couldn't pay my car payment. I was about to get a victory An unfortunately there's a negative side to that too. It you know friends were overdosing and in a lot of bad things happening in drago friends were also romo seems kind of influence so if birds of a feather flock together right i was no different so kind of moving forward from that looking back at it now at thirty five. Unlike what was i doing at fifteen sixteen seventeen years old. How long did you serve in the army for years. So what was the decision to get out..

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