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App the ones you don't pacific office automation problem solved not the fourth quarter john up here by head coach michael malone nuggets getting out scored twenty six to ten in the fourth quarter three thirty four left to go in the basketball game at one point denver had a fifteen point lead had a fourteen point lead heading into the fourth but that evaporated quickly now the thunder lead it by three with three and a half ago westbrook has it on the right side guarded by jamal murray picks up the dribble throws left side over the paul george gets to pick from adams that got rid of barton three pointer george jumpers no good rebound comes down to paul millsap outlet pass over the will barton barton has it up the right wing he gets to pick from yoga goes to the left hand drives the paint leads in runner nowhere near costs didn't even hit rim rebound down to grant outlet pass over to westbrook westbrook's stops they let him shoot and wide open thirteen hundred one zero seven to one or two the over joemarie less than three minutes ago top akita colio left side that jamal murray murray hesitation drive split the defenders finger all layup is up in bubut and he got it to go nuggets within three again one seven two one four the midcourt circles russell westbrook to the half minutes to go into the basketball game westbrook pick from stephen adams very fights through westbrook gets in other words the defenders in the corner grant for three that was one yoka chaz it in the frontcourt hands off the paul millsap crossover move on grand throws in the opposite quarter to barton out to harris left side yokich corner threes almurri missed it rebound millsaps and traffic lost it and then back back off the devon harris harris has a path gets down leans in lamp is up in one ten to one oh six and now the thunder more than happy to start killing some clock here at the mid court circles russell westbrook guarded out there by jamal murray nobody moving channel shacklock now it's an ice for westbrook jamal murray's one on one with a westbrook stops 15footer missed rebound comes down to bill sal bill sap gets it across the timeline leaves it for joker yoga chazal beyond the three.

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