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Just get a fucking room with that were the 101 coffee shop is that better it's elder nisic reddit frank little one would just get a room with is just because there's no it's just not fun to get across town so here actress gang people can go is it just is it the actress getting dot com or actress gang dot com it's the actors getting dot com actress getting www accenture and then what is the premier date for here now february katie have at katie what does that leia february eleven to nine pm probably eight central and okay joe whatever you want secretary of yes new colossus starts on the eighth in preview 8th 9th 10th thursay through through thursday show saturdays at eight p m fantastic at the actress getting theater ninety seventy venice boulevard gutted in culver city fancy culver city how thursday's by the way is paywhatyoucan always has been paywhatyoucan if you broke and you wanna see some theater come on down will take carry all that's great i wish i knew that i used to live on el centro right near the old theater on santa monica and i was just i wish i had money to go see shows there and the night after i had moved are you guys and moved someone told me about the thursday helped by alpha iin i know yeah now i know we have always had that kind of policy because we don't believe the theater should be just for people that are wealthy it's essential that it be about with the community wants a fantastic and then of course you'll be reprising her role as a young george kennedy and nazi germany.

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