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For all this changes everything cold I he's right capitalism versus the climate by Naomi Klein Anne Klein provocative book unveils the myths surrounding the climate change debate and explores how the free market is holding us back from important changes congratulations you're going to the fair my man product research had reset you did well done well played I really think it's best to somebody wins at least we you know I mean like I like a bunch of people lose and then somebody wins so that we might have a you know feel good moment at the end of it all right and you did sufficiently stop a number of I thank you really really what you did is you you got retribution for a week thank you I hope you I hope you know that you did I feel retribution seven two seven five seven nine one a two five and eight hundred seven seven one one two two five talk to me about your well first let me tell you I'm fascinated by this this Papa John's story this guy just can't keep his mouth shut canny no he really can't and I don't I'm not gonna lie I really think this guy got railroaded when I hear him talk about what happened and I said at the time too like I there's part of me that feels like this guy really truly got railroaded I disagree ran out of his own company well I see where you would come up with that and I know what you're going to make that argument and I can't I can't say you're wrong I just disagree because he showed poor judgment but I have eaten Papa John's more the last year that I have than the previous ten I will tell you I think they're making a better product Papa John Slattery disagrees any he admitted to lying about something that is hilarious and we'll tell you what is next but first John let's talk about today I gotta say I go in every single week to many weight loss of south him before my way and it's right on Kennedy Boulevard great location and I had hit a spot where it was like two or three pounds a week and I was feeling really really good about that this is technically the fifth week the beginning of my six weeks so I go in for my way in today I step on that scale that breaks down your entire body composition gives you all the details first piece of good news you're very well hydrated look at that my blood pressure is great my health is great but I am down as of this week a nother seven point eight pounds how is it possible which makes that a total loss of twenty seven point eight pounds I could ride around up to a twenty eight but just for this moment I'll say twenty seven point eight pounds and it is all because of my friends of many weight loss of south LL start this this was the end of the fifth week so in five weeks I've lost twenty eight pounds and I feel I really truly feel better than I've ever felt I am lighter I everything about my mind feels clear and you can do the same you can start losing this weight today with a doctor supervised.

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