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Topic already this morning in the text line is heating up on fire already janitor bodies we should name tex at five seventeen eighteen nineteen and twenty this morning Italy can be are we get a fun topic we're doing today it's all about see in Madison Bumgarner in that ugly burnt red Yunis these rocket errors on a getting the cold sweats thinking about having to face in this year and and Stephen Vogt Metacomet yesterday yeah may see the giants three or four times at oracle park this year were Bumgarner gets to throw a lot of guys will be familiar with a lot of guys who who know him well but have never faced a maybe outside of us some batting practice so the topic in the question I put out is in some people are asking about it only takes like I said the Madison Bumgarner has the opportunity to be the biggest like giant killer for ever just because of the number of times he's gonna get to face some because he's still young enough to be in the heart of his career where he still can have a a big chunk of time left for you could get fifteen twenty starts in his career left against the giants potentially a team he's never faced in the first or we talked a Lenten seasons in history right ten eleven years of his career I'm a question I had is how many players in and give me them and I've got some staff for you have left the bay area gone on to have great levels of success against their former bay area T. whenever they facetime again this isn't about what they did this isn't about college either college doesn't count I gave said to me if not as a Harris goes off against the forty Niners we don't act like that's him coming back to the bay area because you played high school football in any doctor where everyone's right this is this is about playing for one team having a great stay with that team leaving that team coming back like somebody here already put out Chris Webber David I talked about Chris Webber actually before the show this morning I said Chris Webber is a little different for me because he spent one year here like he counts but when we think about Chris Webber we don't think about him Chris Webber the warrior when when we think about Chris Webber how about this not going into the hall of fame we think about it was a Michigan Wolverines and as a Sacramento king I think and the yeah yeah thrown up a timed out when he didn't have any left so for example wouldn't let me give you one who's a good example Jason Giambi lefty is after that what the two thousand one season I think it was a rebel for the movie Moneyball starts by the way they never mentioned in the movie Moneyball there was a big deal Scott had a bird walked a whole bunch we'll be doing is it's a it's Chris Pratt as it Scott had a bird they're like a yeah he walked a bunch of them we won twenty in a row no mention of a still of the big three but there is you know when the side that year and Miguel but when the frigid M. V. P. and don't kill the dreams anyway Jason Giambi for example after he left the ETS forget about his accomplishments as a Yankee it's about what he did playing against the ace Jason Giambi in is at his time coming back to Oakland in forty eight games against the ETS after he left it to seventy with twelve homers thirty eight RBIs any nine fifty OPS that's pretty good we have put in probably up near the top as far as performances and I say that not loosely I see that having looked into a whole lot of these bay area performances so let's put first played a sound bite from Madison Bumgarner yesterday Bumgarner did a little media in Arizona and everybody's asking Hey we said we were going to talk about this free agent process well this is what spawned this idea for me so Bumgarner speech and then we'll get into some of these players about some Bumgarner yesterday thrown on the unique for the first time as an Arizona Diamondbacks hello so you for years the process is since I released but you know just everything worked out the stars aligned and and it's a place I'm doing always I've always liked so errors on Charles Taylor you Phoenix area so and the team you know the team I really learned how to play the game the family group doesn't put together again on the front office and ownership so special group yeah so there you go any he did promise bad really that they will go through his process of of choosing yours on and why it was that he he chose to go there check this out of this is a note that any Bagley put out that's a bummer was thirty years old this offseason he got a when you get a five year deal or something like that from the from the Arizona Diamondbacks are you are taken six million this year to get extra you're on the back and he puts out did a just a margin when he signed with the giants for years ago was thirty years old the giants and to a five year ninety million dollar deal I'm gonna was thirty years old in the giants chose to let him sign elsewhere for five years in eighty five million so you brought in Jeff so Marcia for effectively more money on the same years that you what Bumgarner walks to Arizona for maybe this is I mean I'm sure there are other factors here and we'll find out about the the boat you factor in the money factor where he lives factor I'm sure all these come into play when he talks about this but also that's going to be in the back of his mind they brought into other does it give a quarter of a billion dollars to Johnny Cueto in Jeff's Marcia I and then told Madison Bumgarner Hey we we can't we can't give you what we give those guys so interesting stuff people checking only task we touch on about players that dominated to their team in the bay area once leaving I we got one here for one five six inches Robert parish a couple people said Robert parish I looked it up here is played thirty three career games against the war years after leaving he averaged seventeen point two points a game and that's about all the no so give us on the individual performance against a team from that far back on basketball reference I see that far back as the nineteen seventy five what's it was only chiseled in stone but they still don't have those records for us another person we saw a bunch of people it's just like good players who ended up being hall of Famers so we keep saying Ricky Henderson I can't tell you Ricky Henderson his career against the ace was not all that good Ricky Henderson in his career against the Oakland is played seventy five games he only had two thirty eight now he did one year check this out in one season against the ETS back in nineteen eighty six he played twelve games you swipe thirteen bags of those twelve games Dave so in his career against the as a two thirty eight average twenty three RBI's thirty three steals usually caught seven times stolen base there was pretty good but I expect ready to have good stolen base numbers against anybody Oakland is not a good batting average in his career for Ricky Henderson death we I'm looking up another one here that the add some texture said as with Matt Williams against the giants yeah he had three twenty seven zero PS of nine oh for eagle because he played Arizona to see Matt Williams and he he played around he played it for enough time it's got to be got and this is the thing about it is I was thinking about this in terms of like the twenty ten twelve in John fourteen giants most all of those guys bunkers the first one to go right like he was your for all three titles Tim Lincecum flamed out that can retired Posey belt Crawford Ross still hanging out at oracle park at Madison Bumgarner was the the one and he was the youngest one of all of those guys so he hung around for this long got to the majors to twenty or twenty one years old back in August of nine they make this push against three World Series rings you have to be young enough when you leave the team to have a great level of success or be Ricky Henderson place for like thirty five years after you leave the team and I mean Ricky could probably still get out there and still base right like it's not without question so I'm the giants like that ten twelve fourteen run it's funny just about everybody kind of stayed close not everyone like they didn't go elsewhere have a chance to come back and dominate looking at one here very zero leaving the A. seven starts against the is once you left three and four with the six to eight alright now here's one that I thought was was worth noting Terrel loans what's the forty Niners your room not didn't I want to say and and correct me if I'm wrong on the touchline I'm I wanna see Terrel just first traded to Baltimore for like a day in the Baltimore to render flipped into Philadelphia what he wasn't going to be a an eagle like I don't think that's where the Niners traded him could be wrong on this I feel like that was the the line of of trades that got Terrel loans to Philadelphia anyway played two games against the forty Niners once he left did Terrel it's in those two games his team went to L. Niners lost both of those games Terrel into games had twenty targets only twelve catches but those twelve catches one for three hundred and fifty six yards that's like twenty nine and a half yard to catch in two games for Terrel and yeah three touchdowns for him as well so Terrel engine to career games against the Niners after leaving twelve catches for three fifty six and three touchdowns somebody checked on the tax line for one five says about Joe Montana's outing against the Niners yeah here that one out and its owners in ninety four ninety three ninety four with Kansas city he went to nineteen thirty one two hundred and three argeneau picks one sack and they beat the Niners twenty four seventeen out of their ahead I Jerry rice not a good former forty niner against the forty Niners are to game seven catches seventy nine yards no touchdowns for me right now I'm still sitting up here with Terrel owing to still my winner for the time being I do have another one that Dave Spandan me early this morning he said did you check Reggie Jackson's numbers this one blew my doors off yes I know how lead Reggie is he's got his number retired here in Oakland I want to say is this number is higher to New York to yes Sir two numbers retired in Oakland number nine and forty four I was there was you know and I think you only did not I think the only retired nine in Oakland well they should forty four I was there the day they were trying to push for the jet ski and number nine anyway Reggie Jackson you know get this you put a hundred and fourteen games against the ETS after leaving many play forever fourteen games for Reggie Jackson against the ace that's like almost a whole year but he's almost played a full season in those one fourteen a two eighty three batting average a nine forty eight oh PS all we did was match thirty bombs ninety ribs eighty one runs and it's not Reggie was you're talking strikeouts ninety strikeouts as well so in a one sixty two game season rages on pace your for like forty homers in a hundred to fifteen hundred and twenty strikeouts probably drive in another hundred and twenty so Reggie Jackson right now probably takes the cake is the best in the factory was like from here right that's very athlete to leave the bay area after playing for a bay area team come back and dominate said team Mr October that castor October Mr Oakes Tober he's going Oakley just battle yeah there you go I know you were correct the raider the forty Niners traded Teo to the ravens for a second round pick and then they traded him to the.

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