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It doesn't mean they won't still try to sign defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence for motivated to get this deal done with DeMarcus Lawrence. I mean, he's obviously a guy who's been here homegrown. He'll come off that left side and Robert Quinn coming off the right with Randy. And makes a few of them down inside is I think nothing but a positive force as part of the deal, which has the Cowboys sending a twenty twenty sixth round draft. Pick to Miami Quinn gets a new one year nine point two million dollar deal. News continues for bear true financial partner with your best interests in mind, Texas, ends a dollar to Washington, but only gets ninety five cents back in federal transportation. Funding more from KRLD's. Mitch car tech dots. Mark Williams as the entire Texas. Congressional delegation is pushing for federal help Eddie Bernice Johnson was the one who took the torch on this and. They are calling on linking members of the environmental public works committees and the house transportation and infrastructure committee is to give a tension to this issue. The biggest problem for us is that it used to be the congress used a formula to distribute those funds to state agency as information about the federal fair share situation on its website, Mitch card NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. And by the way, Texas gets ninety five cents back for every dollar sent to DC Alaska gets six dollars and seventy eight cents per dollar, a martial woman pleads guilty in a murder for hire scheme. KRLD's kelly. We Tricia George now faces five years in prison for trying to hire someone to kill her husband last July Marshall police received a tip about this. So police reached out to the Texas Department of public safety criminal investigation division for helping the case Marshall police found out she paid someone who turned out to be an undercover officer or husband asks for leniency in her case requesting that she be given probation. The state disagreed Kelly. We NewsRadio to navy KRLD and they're among the most popular candy during the Easter season..

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