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Noreen Dewolf. Those were the initial. Katie ASELTON initial women who? Who did something really brave which was rate check. of of their hard earned money and they take a and I I still take that very seriously because. Without that we couldn't have started and so that's the other thing I just want to. I Want Neil G to to answer this question but I'll say to end. To end their. Women pudding their resources behind other women and it's not always financial. I'm trained the to sort of decolonize my addiction to capitalism. It is certainly not always financial but those are incredibly important resources and they really were at the very beginning and helping us grow I'm sorry forgot to women those are take Natarajan Stephanie. who also were part of that original group of women who who said. I believe in this idea that motherhood and caretaking should be centered and supported and I will use the money I've earned and I will pass it along to another woman to create something for more women and. I I'm really at that overwhelms me and I think about them every day. Most. Beautiful. Yeah I mean I normally in this show is named my mom. But since you named her already, I'm going to name my twenty. I'm Rita. Because I, love her and she's amazing passed. And I'm there's so much and. You know when I think about my path Towards justice, it can be lonely at times. It can be difficult but I've always had that they're so any moment when I'm really really struggling where I'm I. I'm in moments where I'm about to get off the Patt- or I think I'm not strong enough where I can't take the criticism where I can't take the loneliness any of that she's been there and said you're doing all right stay strong keep on. And I have to say I feel like I know this become a little bit of a love fest but I feel like maybe we needed it. We have done that each other very much felt that I mean I know we've had moments of called. Called you and you know, but we've. We've. We've gotten through and so. Sisterhood y'all. Yes, thank you so much. Am I want to just end this conversation by thanking everyone for listening and I want? To let our listeners know where they can find, you shall meads over on websites. An I will I will definitely tweet about this, but just you just want to give you all a second to plug and actually meal mgb could also tell us where to find your very talented very hilarious twin sister Bertha Dhaliwal who has an unbelievable well I don't know when we'll go back to live shows, but you can also tell our listeners to find her but we're we're do they all follow you follow up with you Chanda you go first. Oh. Okay so you can find me on instagram sit with Sean Tower. And, you can stay tuned there for a zoom related meditations conversation again, hopefully, just bringing a bit of east to your life and when things are turned to whatever our new normal is I hope that if you are in the local area, you will come and sit with me it would be my pleasure. Well, this is sad because I don't remember my website name so. To you so I can look it up, but you know what? I'm GonNa tell you my. Website. I'm going to tell you I'm GonNa, tell our listeners yours because it's Neilan Dot Org Oh my God. Thank you so much. Thank you thank you. Thank you. I'd love to.

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