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Every cent not very effective watching the game trying to parkway okay well it's better to leaves a mystery i find that in a somewhat sex that was that was hardly at andy dalton performance i'm i'm feeling more like juice misuse stereotype a day from u s a little juju on well hide god's sake chris wesseling we love you buddy thank you for joining us our plan all right let's move on stephen house you're the man of the hour house money for 30 order that game on the line with eighteen seconds westbound sampras broke down if you've got tom o'clock on how to do that three times three that way way when he hit on something good i mean it and i'll tell you what i give you a credit barra johnny murphy of wjr stephen howe sca yeah house money is thirty order with fourteen seconds to play which was set up by rookie quarterback troy davis white forcing a bubble in recovering it that led to the bills outlasting the tampa bay buccaneers thirty two twenty seven eight orchard park greg the bills are going to finally end their infernal playoff drought they have to win these types of games and it was another positive step forward on their frei have stolen games and i i think someone needs to go check on bucks defensive coordinator mike smith blood pressure mighty okay mikey because i'm more i'm worried about him he also he is gonna go.

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