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New Account. Standard Yeah Sodom and Gomorrah you can go back in the Old Testament and point to different people and places. You think about BEC-. A! Adultery was going to be something that he was going to be charged with well before Mosel came along example after example that God has had that standard, and is going to continue to hold people to that standard on the day of judgement anything else. I want to give you some information about the conscience. If, you were to look at what the Bible says about the conscience you, all kinds of interesting facets next chapter twenty three in verse one. The Bible says the conscience can be good or conscience can be clean. Now. Would you say that a good conscience or a clean conscience is necessarily good or cleaning God site? No, we have a lot of people today, who are doing things with a good or clean conscience, but that's simply doesn't mean that they are in an approved relationship with God other passages, which talks about the conscience would include x chapter twenty four in verse. Sixteen the conscience can be clear of what of offense, somewhat similar acts twenty three in Verse One Hebrews Ten twenty two talks about a koch conscience that is corrupted or defile. Come to mind their a conscience which has been corrupted or defiled within about a computer file. If you use a computer, maybe you've had a corrupted file. What's that mean? It is bad news, but what's at me? The files corrupted. It's not going to function as it needs to function. It says you can't open the file. You can't access the information if a conscience has been defiled. What's true? The person's not going to be thinking correctly. The person's not going to be rationalizing in a proper way, and that's when some people do some very terrible things anybody see the information today about the vet. I think was a couple years ago. He was that and wheelchair. An emergency room took out a gun and shot a couple of people. The dock took the gun away from him. Anybody remember that story see that story today. He's finally been brought to trial and they were going to send him off and check out his mental health. They didn't think that what he did. Wind up with a thinking person but the ability for person to. Take a weapon in that kind of setting in any setting really, but especially hospital setting and try a shooting doctors, nurses and other people something has been messed up there in the conscience visa wartime better not you have a conscience that can be week. First Corinthians chapter eight verse seven. What's an example of a week conscience? That's exactly right navy, too young person. Maybe someone who is a senior, but they know they say it was against my better judgment I thought I should not do that. I knew that this probably was not going to turn out. Well have a good feeling about this, but did it anyway. SCRIPTURE SAYS That can be a problem with the conscience. Conscience chapter four and verse to. See someone with a conscience. What is it? No seared. You'll go beyond feeling bad, wouldn't it? A seared conscience. will feel. About. Yeah, they can commit the worst possible. Atrocity is like the hired assassin. He can go up and take someone's life and for him. It's just a business transaction. There's nothing in there s far. Yes, that's a really good. That's an excellent words. They are numb. They are void a feeling when it comes to any kind of sympathy or empathy, they do something evil, and there is no second thought for them as I, said, it could be a business transaction. Maybe it's even fun, but there is no remorse whatsoever. Another thing that can be said about the conscience is, it can be cleansed, and that's the really good news Hebrews chapter and verse fourteen. The Gen Taus they did have a conscience, and that's going to be used at the time in. Nobody wanted to take a look at something before we look for sixteen. Okay? He says in the day. Now switching to entertain judgment in the day gotcha judged the secrets of men according to My Gospel by Jesus Christ when people stand before Christ. At the time, Paul said the secrets of men are going to be reveal now the Bible presents different scenes as far as the end of time judgment and I'll confess to you that I'm not quite sure exactly how that day or how that time is going to go. On the one hand, it seems like it could be really quick. You know you've got the saved over here. And you've got the unsaved over here and Bam you know come of my father, and then to the cursed. It's OK head off into the fires of Hell. But then you have some other passages like this, which make it sound like if we could put and we're going to be outside of time, time will not exist, but if you could think about the judgment in the sense of time, divulging the secrets of men. How long do you think that would take if you're going to judge and divulge all the secrets of the enslaved? I'll tell you what it will take a long time. I mean if the average person has one hundred thousand sins, and you're going to try to recruit them all somehow. I'm not quite sure how that would work. I don't know the Paul does seem to indicate that. What or does indicate I would. I would say that more strongly. He does say that what people thought that they could hide. What are some of the sins that you think people try to hide? All right they're going to be sexual sins that people try to hide what else? Are. They're going to hide dishonesty. Theft. Right various forms of cruelty. A lot of different forms of that could take..

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