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Your joints are hurting. Your muscles are tired, you're bleeding to your skin. And then you might. Go to take a bite of I don't know that stale bread or something that you've been eating for some reason and your tooth might fall out because your teeth are held into your gums and your gums are full of collagen and your gums collagen is broken down. So they're bleeding gums are bleeding, absolutely everywhere. It's horrifying. Yeah. Bleeding gums is one of the sort of hallmark signs of scurvy. So it's not really a great way to go. Are any of the diseases. We've talked about a great way to go. Would you say? Just checking. Yeah. I mean, that's that's pretty much. What Serbia's that's pretty much. How it happens? You can't make college in all of the collagen in your body starts to break down. And you bleed out you can really fun times. If you start to bleed into the sheets that surround your nerves, so your nerves are they're all they they travel in your body. Sort of bundled together nerve is a bundle of a whole bunch of like individual nerve cells, and they're usually surrounded by these sheets, and if your blood vessels start to leak all over the place in leak into those sheets, you can compress the nerves and end up with paralysis. And also a lot of pain because you're compressing these nerve fibers, so that's son. So can you you die bleeding out. Basically, that's one of the ways. Yeah. That's one of the common ways that you can die just by bleeding out. You also it's very common to die from secondary infection because vitamin c is also important in your immune system. And also collagen is just important in helping like all of your cells work properly. And so you can die by secondary infection because your body just can't fight anything off because it's just trying to keep you alive and doing a poor job of it. So yeah, scurvy. Do you have a question? I do have a question. You mentioned briefly that vitamin c is important in your immune system, all of these. And I know for a while there were so many studies and products that are related to vitamin C and your immune system that emergency package or whatever. And if you take vitamin C your cold will be shorter. What is what is the actual verdict? What would clinical trials show? Great question. Excellent question. Here's the thing about vitamin c. We know a lot about what happens when you do not have enough vitamin C. So if you have less than ten milligrams a day, then you will end up with symptoms of scurvy, and you will probably die. If you don't get access to vitamin c for prolonged period of just day. Exactly. Yeah. For a daily basis for like a month couple, months, many months. So we know that you need at least ten that's like the bare minimum beyond that. There is no evidence that increasing amounts of vitamin c are beneficial in anyway. Okay. So we know that there's a minimum that you need to have in order to function. Normally there is no evidence that taking things like emergency have any effect whatsoever on your museum. In fact, there's been many studies and analyses that show there is no additional immune-boosting effect whatsoever. Okay. So it's not gonna help you kick that cold, faster, etc. There is evidence that having like relatively low levels of vitamin C. So maybe you're above that scurvy level, but you're still kind of low level it can put you at higher risk for diseases like coronary artery disease, so it could be beneficial to have like a little more than absolutely nothing. Right..

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