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With all that fun and here's your question now we're talking about a big event tomorrow at the Columbus zoo and aquarium with the the. doors opening or the gate if you will at eight o'clock tomorrow morning and what is the name of the event is it kolos classic car show polos classic car show or Stephen while Jack's groovy car show. those cars this call is classic cars all I think that third one more bonus twenty five dollars rooster gift certificate on while Rick you want all that that's worth like all that together thirty nine ninety five of the ten ninety nine that's right. fantastic. thank. every week. okay thank you written information thanks thanks a lot let's go to the hot line now let's go to Jack Moser of busted for drunk driving dot com I guess Jackie would be number two on the list of those that listen right. hi I would hope so I I try to do it every weekend well I think you're always number your care your big Nickelback fan that's right you are all I love Chad Kroeger and crew man come on I had kids yeah I mean I don't know if I like them but I had to listen to it all. give me a song they sing I you know who the heck they are the big song it was in the news this week was photographed because somebody used political campaign okay okay yeah so I mean it is so if he if he's being deported or what have you I'm sure it has something to do okay with use of the photographs of. will give us a picture of what's going on right now. well interestingly enough as you know the state of Ohio had an amnesty program has been in effect little little while I think it's pretty much run its course now this summer's over for those are low income and they're trying to get your license reinstated due to a ridiculous level the fees and such but.

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