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Hurry. So you had roles on girls and broad city and high maintenance, and these are shows that really feel like ensemble performances where like you see the characters on screen, and you know, that this might be like all made up in your head. But it feels like everyone has really good chemistry, and maybe like they walk out of frame, and they're like giggling to each other about that scene or they're going out for coffee or drinks. Or whatever later is that something that you've cultivated on purpose in the community that you found in acting or was that sort of something that you walked into or am I making it up because the chemistry is so good on screen? Well, okay. I think that I think what was what was happening was there's like really dislike movement this class of women in comedy who were coming up together at around the same time in New York. And I think that some of those relationship. That you're seeing on these shows for me were happening in real life as we're all getting to know each other over the last few years, but like what you're seeing on camera. Probably at that time was engineered. It's fake. It was just the oh my God acting as fig it's not real listeners. I'm so sorry to break this to you. So you're saying that like it was a group of women in comedy like Ilana an abbey. Yeah. The like UCB. Oh. And that that sort of like group of women in comedy were uplifting. Each other. Yeah. Recommending each other for roles and whatnot. Yeah. Like the way I met Amy Schumer. I met her at a Noah baumbach movie audition. Neither of us got the part shocking. I don't think either of us even got called back. I mean, and it was one of those like New York moments after we were brutalized taking elevator down. And we were just like Diego talk and shop, and and to saline how'd that go housing for you? I mean, just so miserable. Right. But that was right before Amy entitled Schumer was gonna come out. And I was right before I was gonna Lena was going to ask me to come read this part on girls. We, and we're just sort of like, you know. Hey, I'm Greta, hey, I'm Amy Amy. And I was familiar with her stand up. And and then we were both at the table read for on girls. Oh, interesting. I see I like, Jim. I think now that who else was there at the time. Like, Jessica Williams was there part of like, oh like this group of women. Okay. What's this show girls? Okay. And then that show came out Amy Schumer came out. I nine ended up getting to be on Amy Schumer on all the time. Yeah. But I mean, it was such a different era like are holding for intake, Amy Schumer in one was a homeless shelter and someone pooped on a floor during our lunch break ho code. Yes. It'd be like, okay. Amy, Amy come on. We're setting up like cameras cameras setting up right now. Step over the poop, low step up its human poop here. We got. Yeah. I mean, it seems like there's a that sheared hustle, right? Like, it was everybody was just like we're going to grind to get through this. So that we can eventually ask for more for selves. Right. Exactly. Yeah. And advocate for each other. I remember Amy telling a group of us earlier on she was like, you know, shouted..

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