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Store steam forgive me for not being totally dialed in and buttoned up on on CFL. Football meets you on my. Hamilton tiger. Tiger cat fan now. You're, fat can that's right. Hambro yeah so so Johnny Manziel and the reason I got a lot to discuss this which is funny. Is, because there's fascination around this I I don't know that ESPN I would, love to see their contract deal but they've got. Sideline reporters down for this game. This was on. ESPN two today they had guys I just saw. Guy on sports in right now sportscenter live doing a stand up from the field that the CFL, was being. Played at Johnny, Manziel very emotional in this game he had a couple of moments where. He was screaming on the sideline he had, a couple of moments. Where he He was face down pounding his fans fish into the into the turf his first, pass their. From scrimmage pickoff, here's his line from today Johnny Manziel eleven of twenty one hundred and. Four yards four interceptions eleven of twenty nine Get this he had nine balls that were not completed four of them were picks, four? Of them the reason I bring this up is because Johnny. Menzel almost in the opposite way that we're fascinated by Tim tebow fascinates us in the exact same way which to me this is gonna sound funny is fascinating right Tim. Is a guy who we loved him where we were. We were totally thrall by him at at the university of Florida because he was a kid. Who came from a small like home. Schooled environment went and played, high school football was. A dominant player in, the state of Florida and then he grew into. One of the probably the greatest, college. Football player of all time. I say that a hundred percent wholeheartedly if he's not. Number one he's number one eight Like, ahead of Reggie Bush ahead, of Joe thighs, men The the greatest college football. Player, to ever play the game is probably Tim tebow now part of the attraction around that is then we find out more about him and not only was he a fascinating exciting player. To watch in and wins the Heisman as an underclassmen the first guy to do..

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