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Welcome back here to the down and dirty radio show powered by police razor time to catch up with some news. Yeah, it's it's been an event filled couple of weeks if you haven't yet. I know it wasn't a full show. It's kind of like a podcast version of the show, but last week's episode with Alexander Rossi it was a mash up between project action. My other show in the Downunder and radio show. Go back. Listen to that. Alex. It was a very good interview with Alex spent thirty forty minutes with him, and I think he has a really gonna enjoy. It kind of goes behind the scenes with with him. You know, he went to Europe, won the Indy five hundred. Now he's, you know, he's in a points battle for the car championship. He ended up winning this past weekend at Pocono, but. I think I think he has a really going to join that one. So for some reason, I know with bega Torino Ali other racing going on things like that. I wasn't is active on social media's I should have been promoting it, but it's worth the listen, go back. Listen to that. You know with Alexander Rossy does not does not disappoint promise you that so, but speaking of IndyCar we've gotta talk about Pocono and. This one I got home from Vegas during on Saturday. You know, and it was one of the things like, all right, Sunday hanging caught up on some Email. I'm gonna watch Pocono IndyCar and what the heck we're gonna watch WWE summer slam. Right? I told you, I, I'm open. I'm still I'm the Thirty-seven-year-old wrestling fan. Right? And watch this stuff since I was a kid and it just haven't stopped yet by vice like those pay per views Rhonda Rousey. She was fighting right anytime. Ronda Rousey is on TV. You're going to watch. Yeah. So I was gearing up to watch that, but Pocono. Wow. The start you wanna talk about, I guess this is on air, so it's a bleep show bleep right? Fill in the blank fill in the bleep. It was a bleep show to start with crash right off the bat. Going into turn one reaction. We stack them go again and. Robert wickens. I'm kind of speeches is one of those, like I was gonna have IndyCar drivers on air today, and it was my goal to have just had Alexander Rosty, but there's so many drivers that are doing amazing things this year that I wanted to get an IndyCar driver on. I scratched it all because. I didn't want to put them in a position because if you if you're gonna have an IndyCar driver air, you've gotta talk about, you know, the ten thousand pound gorilla in the room, which was this Robert Wickens crash, and I didn't want to force them to talk about it. So we didn't have an IndyCar driver on this week. I thought I would talk about it, but I, I'm in the unique position racecar driver, but I'm also TV personality. And one that crash happened, and I know what I've been trained to do when a crash like that happens out on track and your TV personality, there's certain things you say, and there's certain things you don't say. And then you also know with camera angles and such. You know what I mean? You know they, they don't show certain things knowing all this. I'm watching the television broadcast and I honestly thought it was. It was a fatal accident, and I'm so beyond thankful that it wasn't. In Robert Wickens. I know I'm I'm looking at the Indy-Car website right now. They've got a recent. I don't know if you guys don't even know what I'm talking about. It's all over YouTube. It's all over social media. It's got to be one of the worst crashes I've ever seen in all the motor sport. But wiccans you know, the way he hit the wall and everything else just it was nuts, but he did go under undergo surgery. I guess he's got spinal injuries, get injuries to his legs arms. It was bad. He's, he's, he. I don't want to say he's fine. He's still alive. He, I think he's out of the woods. As far as that goes. It doesn't sound like there's any head injuries either, but I think he's going to have a long road ahead. But this is a guy at the Indy five hundred. I spend thirty forty minutes with and..

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