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I just want people to civilians just like i was the best actress in the world which you could be yet thank you thank you i uh look i just say maybe maybe they'll be bear like maybe you'll make some bad decisions but gig you'll dirty right so maybe take some risks they'll she takes risks of what he wanted i wanted to like you know was do like play like a crack oor okay so tell glud us know what you guys think of meryl's career iran choice in love fear it's not rare it's not okay i said timothy timothy hutton's in this movie looking a little delhi what was timothy in that i would know him from he was from a tv show most recently wondering in a lot of and he played a hot trouble yeah he had only d didn't play in the leverage tv show ordinary people's probably what he was nominated for when he was younger writes that make sense yeah so he listen i i saw that he was in this i was like timothy hutton is in a movie so i i said it's just like julia child is that because you a sort of just taking some chances with your personality liver i was and and claims world hingis j paul getty is like right hand guy and i spent the whole time waiting for i never even waiting for him i just forgot and at the end when credits rolled i was like that was timothy hutton jesus it's tvs cubans boost you are just trying to absorb kevin just because rangers voice doesn't mean we don't know who you are kept f l k bad but here not that brings up a good point though about this movie you cannot watch this movie without being kevin spacey no without seeing all the christopher plummer scenes because he's an like half the movie and thinking i wonder what kind of imagining what spacey would be doing in it you know i mean i know that you.

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