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Continues to be in the news today under the banner democrat party and sex Willie Brown has a follow up column to his column last week where he said, so yeah, I dated Kamala Harris, so what? Well, of course, that caused all kinds of trouble for Kamala, Harris, Willie Brown writes today among other things, and he was trying to send it packing. Yeah. Okay. So we unsexy data big deal. So what he was trying to help her by getting out there and ending it. But he said he miscalculated miscalculated, and it continued to blow up so today, he says about his relationship with Kamala Harris, and I'm quoting look. She was in love with me. And I'm in love with me. It was a perfect relationship. And then he goes on to say that she's now happily married to a great guy and another to see here whatsoever. Now, we move onto Ralph northern and his Lieutenant governor. This guy's name is. John. Yeah. Just justin. Fairfax, justin. Fairfax was a staffer for John Kerry who served in Vietnam, by the way, it was a staffer for Kerry in two thousand four he won an election in two thousand seventeen. Well, he's been named. Let's is there is a Stanford University fellow who is hinting that Justin Fairfax has engaged in sexual assault. A woman named Vanessa Tyson. Who is a fellow at Stanford says that a man who allegedly sexually assaulted her at the twenty thousand four democratic national convention is now an officeholder about to get a very big promotion. A friend of Tyson's named Andrea Scharf based in Richmond Virginia shared the heartbreaking message, which Tyson wrote as a private post Tyson is a fellow at Stanford professor at the scripts college, which means the alleged sexual assaulter must hold office on the east coast Tyson says her alleged attacker, one statewide office in two thousand seventeen anyway, everybody's concluded that she has fingered Justin. Fairfax tenant governor Virginia as the person who sexually assaulted her at the democrat convention in two thousand four and that's what would become governor. If Ralph northern decides to put the black face back on and go back to vaudeville. Well, now, Justin Justin Fairfax is outraged over this. He is slammed the defamatory and false sexual assault allegation. He issued a statement early today after an online article hinted at sexual assault allegations against him in two thousand four and the website that this occurred with big league politics. They shared a private post from a woman who said an office holder who assault and hurt the DNC convention about to get very big promotion says her attacker one statewide office in two thousand seventeen is to be Fairfax. So today Fairfax released a tweet that said the person reported to be making this false allegation. I approached the Washington Post after being presented with facts consistent with the Lieutenant governor's denial of the allegation the absence of any evidence. Corroborating the allegation and significant red flags and inconsistencies the post made the decision not to publish. Well, where was all of that during the cavenaugh hearings? Aren't we supposed to believe the women? So justin. Fairfax says that the post after being presented with facts consistent with his denial. After being presented with the absence of any evidence. Corroborating this babes allegation and significant red flags and inconsistencies with the allegation, the Washington Post made the considered decision not to publish. Well. Let me tell you, folks. None of that was any barrier to them running with the Cavanaugh allegations or Marian allegations with no basis, in fact against Donald Trump. This is quite telling Justin Fairfax as African-American. Why does that matter? It doesn't just telling you. Want you to have a complete picture of everything here? And so the Washington Post is trying to cover for the guy. Yeah. There aren't any serious allegation. But I thought the woman was always to be believed. The woman doesn't lie. These are so disturbing. They have a life full lasting affects viciousness of the assault. Don't lack of respect the physical and psychological damage at these brutish patriarchal men do that the Washington Post said that there was insufficient evidence to run with the store. And so they haven't. Justin Fairfax's tweeted happily that they have denied it. There's another story. Top Schumer aide was pushed out after inappropriate sexual encounters with staff. Sudden departure of Senate majority leader, I'm sorry, minority leader, Chuck Schumer's communications director followed reports of sexual misconduct. We are talking here about Matt house when Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer's longtime communications director Matt house announced he was leaving just at the November midterms. The news was met with widespread bipartisan praise for Matt house and his reputation for fairness because that's always what happens when Liberal Democrats leave office. They are showered with praise. And their reputations are constantly promoted what some of Matt houses Senate colleagues were surprised to learn of his departure, given he didn't have a high profile job lined up and the Democrats could regain control the Senate and twenty twenty. Why was he leaving is departure was not voluntary? The huffing and puffing. Ten post has learned for two sources with knowledge of the situation that the house was pushed out for allegedly having appropriate sexual encounters with junior staffers, all of this all of this happening while they're trying to destroy Brad Kavanagh and right in there. Helping out is the drive by media if the drive-by media needs to report lies and defamatory things about Republicans name it will do it. If they need to circle the wagons, and protect and defend Democrats who are alleged to have committed sexual assault. They'll. Do that. So just adds another interesting little tidbit to whatever Ralph nor of them decides to do. So who's leaking this stuff who's putting this stuff out there? Is it Northerns people that wanted to fame? Fairfax. Or is it somebody just doesn't like Fairfax period. Cavanaugh behind it. We don't know. But it's fascinating at all the sexual harassment, stories and racism stories and killing kids stories. So many of them seem to involve ranking Democrats..

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